Glass Prices on the Rise; Web Site Bead Sale

“Because we can no longer absorb these rising costs on our own, we are writing to inform you that we must implement a general 10% price increase, effective November 1, 2008.”

This is copied out of an email I received today from Bullseye Glass Co. While I don’t use that much Bullseye Glass, I do know that moretti glass is also going up, due to the price of gas, etc. Unfortunately for bead makers, it means that they will have to raise their prices to keep up with the rising price of glass, gas, etc. I guess everyone is feeling the pinch – check out my web site for the rest of September for a 10% off sale!

SueBeads Sale!

The sale is on! I, no, not I, the engineer, finally figured out how to make the sale prices work. It’s a little bit of work, but I think working for a discount isn’t a bad thing! You just have to click on the sale link provided – then all the prices come up 10% off! So go right ahead and start ordering those beads for yourself, I mean, for your holiday gifts!!!!
BTW, the above listing is on etsy right now!

SueBeads Web Site Sale!

That’s right – Christmas in September! With the cost of everything rising (notably postage, glass rods, packaging, etc.) I am probably going to be forced to raise my prices soon. So I wanted to have a Christmas in September sale for all of you, so you can get an early start on your holiday projects! Plus, it will be a good way for me to keep busy! Starting tomorrow, Monday, September 15th, all Made to Order and Large Hole Beads will be 10% off in my store for the rest of the month of September. I’ve already figured out how to initiate the discount on the Large Hole Bead category – I’m having a bit more trouble with the Made To Order category. But hopefully, by tomorrow, it will be worked out! Hint Hint – the Large Hole Beads are already marked with their sale prices, if you want to go shopping now!

Here’s Something New!

Whenever I have leftover beads, I like to make useful things out of them! I really like making the purse-clip-backpack-charm-zipper-pull things! You can be creative with leftovers – leftover spacers, beads, etc. Here’s a photo of one I made from a leftover bead of mine, and some czech rondelles and a celtic charm. I really like the colors! Hope you do too – you’ll be able to find them in my etsy shop pretty soon, for little holiday-gift-stocking-stuffers!

Have a great weekend! We are visiting my friend Beth and her family for dinner tonight – she has half a cow to eat, and we’re bringing the pie and corn from the farmer’s market! I can’t wait to what else she’s done to her house – right now I think they are working on their deck. They do it all by themselves, too! Busy Busy!

Oh yes, and I want to say good luck to all the people in Texas who are dealing with Hurricane Ike. I haven’t seen too much on the news about it, yet, I’m sure we will later when people can finally figure out what’s going on. We’re thinking about you.


My mom and I took the kids to see Wicked last night. I had seen it before and was prepared for a boring night (because I didn’t think it was all that) and my son has strep, so figured he’d want to go home early. Instead, it was pretty good; I think they must have changed it a bit because it seemed funnier. My son wanted to stay the whole time – unusual for a 10 year old who is sick. My mom loved it. My daughter has been wanting to go since it had been here two years ago and “everyone” in her class has seen it except her. So I’d say we had a successful night. Now I’m tired! I made some beadies today – more pics tomorrow, maybe – and since it’s a lovely rainy day, I think a nap is in order!
If you don’t know, there’s a CIM glass rod color called Elphaba – pretty funny!

September 11, 2001 – Where were you?

I was at my son’s pre-school, waiting for his first day of Young 3’s class to be over so we could go to lunch with friends. There’s no tv at pre-school, of course, so when my friend Cherie came staggering into the building, crying, I could not imagine what was wrong. I went up to her, thinking there was an accident or something, and she told me. I was incredulous – two planes hitting the Twin Towers could not be an air traffic control mistake. Here in Western Pennsylvania, a plane went down in Shanksville, a town about an hour from Pittsburgh city center, and it sure scared us. My friend Jill went to pick up our daughters from school and bring them home, so we could see and feel that they were safe.
Always remember, never forget. And I hope all of you are safe.

Blurfing; Beads

Do you ever blurf? Do you know what blurfing is? It’s when you go to the next blog, surfing for blogs! It’s pretty cool – you can see some fun blogs and read some interesting things, not to mention see some cool pics. I really need to get better at posting pics on my blog – in addition to the beads. Speaking of – I’ll be making some more beads tomorrow – maybe some spooks if I can get my vet. black to quit fuming (?). But here’s a pic of a bead up on etsy!

See ya!

Large Hole Beads on Etsy

Hi! I put two new large hole beads up on etsy – one is a teal bead with silvered ivory swirls, etched, and the other is a really pretty pink from Bullseye – it’s an oddlot, so there’s not a whole lot of that glass around, if you like pink!

If you have noticed the time and temperature setting to the right of my blog paragraphs, you will see that we here in Pittsburgh are getting a bit of a much-welcomed cold front moving in. I certainly appreciate it – sitting in front of a 940 degree kiln while using a torch makes for a hot work session. Having my basement a little bit cooler is great! Although I’ll be complaining in the winter, when it’s really cold down there. That’s why I love fall so much – the temperatures are so great! Now, if we could only get some rain – I mean real rain! We had a little bit today, but not nearly enough to turn my backyard green again! How did my kid get strep throat already? He was only in school for 5 days, and he missed today and will miss tomorrow because he has strep throat. I figured we’d have a month or two before the illnesses started – hmph!

Beads on Etsy; Another pet peeve!

First, there are some spacer beads and one set of earring beads on etsy – go get ’em!

Second, here’s another one of my pet peeves, since I seem to be revealing myself. It’s when people allow their dogs to defecate in your yard, or anyone else’s, or on the street, or whatever, and don’t clean it up. That is so disgusting…do they not think where it goes or what happens to it? Someone in my neighborhood actually did clean it up, and then threw it in the sewer. That goes directly to the water processing plant, don’t they know that?!??!?! Ok, I feel better now!

Spelling Lessons

O.K., am I the only person in the country who thinks that if you made it out of high school, you should be able to spell? At the very least, use the spell checker, since at the very least, the last 10 years of high school graduates have grown up with computers (I am dating myself here). Among my other pet peeves, which I may detail one day, spelling, or the lack of skill thereof, is at the top of the list, particularly if you are going to publish your words.

Sorry, just needed to get that off my proverbial chest. Back to your regularly scheduled program.