New Charms in Etsy Shop!

Hi – I just listed three new purse charms in my etsy shop. I really like taking these extra beads that I have made, and coming up with little purse charms! It’s fun, it’s a way to be creative, and uses up all those extra beads that a lampworker always seems to have laying around the house. My friend, Jill, once said, “Boy, there’s beads everywhere in this house!” I’m trying as fast as I can to use them up!!!!!

Check out my new bead pairs in my Etsy shop!

I just listed a few new bead pairs in my etsy shop – these are great for making earrings for your holiday gifts. I’m guessing that many people will need to cut back for the holidays, and making gifts is a great way to do that! Plus, I think that hand-made gifts are extra special. It’s a great way to show someone that you really care, and that you know them and made something with just them in mind!

New Beads in Etsy Shop!

Hi everyone – I posted some new bead pairs in the etsy shop. Good for making earrings, especially if you are going to be making a lot of your holiday gifts this year! I guess I will be too! I think these cobalt beads are really pretty – the contrast between the cobalt and the turquoise is striking! You can click on the pic, and go to the shop!

Wouldn’t You Know!

This past weekend, my daughter came down with food poisoning from eating chicken at the zoo. She feels a lot better but I am curious – should I call them and tell them – what do you readers think? Based on the symptoms, we think it was a case of an employee coughing or sneezing on the food, or touching it after coughing or sneezing on their hands. This, to me, is gross, and makes me think about all the times we eat out – how many times could we get sick from a restaurant worker doing that? Makes me sick!

On another topic, the kids went to the Scarehouse this weekend. For her birthday, my daughter wanted tickets to this haunted house because the “Ghosthunters” were going to be there, signing autographs. Poor thing got sick while she was there, but some nice person in charge let her ahead of the line to get her pictures and autographs before I picked her up. They had a great time!

The sale on my web site is over – thanks to everyone who ordered beads – but I’ll give you a heads up. Probably on October 15th or so, I’m going to start offering free regular first class shipping for the remainder of October. It’s really tough keeping up with this economy, so hopefully this will help some of you decide to buy some beads for your holiday gifts, or yourself, and help me at the same time!

Up above is a picture and link of a bead that’s up on ebay right now – click on it, you know you want to!!!!