Eye Candy

My engineer partner took this photo for me to use on some cards I’m including in the Bead Cruise Goody Bag and the Delightful Divas Sample Bag ‘O The Month. It looks great to me – a huge pile of juicy beads! However, it did NOT transfer to the business card size at all. I guess I should really take a class or something – Photography for Dummies or CorelDraw for Dummies or something – he really spent a lot of time messing around with it, for me, but it just didn’t look good when transferred to an ink-jet printer image. Oh well – at least you get some eye candy!

Something Cool!

I bought my daughter this little alpaca for Christmas this year. Don’t ask me why, but she loves alpacas and llamas. She wants one. She wants to go to South America so she can see them (she can see a llama at our zoo). So I got her this wool felted Andes the Alpaca from MJ Keeton on etsy. Since my beads are still in the kiln (and frankly, I have no idea what kind of bead day I had today but I am going to guess not so great) I thought I’d just show you this bit of eye candy!

New Listings on SueBeads etsy

I just listed a few bead sets, a darling valentine pendant/charm, and the really cute pair of earrings above. They are made with my lampwork beads – ivory wrapped in silvered copper and wrapped in fine silver wire. They measure 1 1/2 inches from top to bottom and the findings are all sterling silver and swarovski crystal. I know I like them!

Too Cold to Cook Beads, So…

It was way too cold this morning (my best work time) to make any beads in my basement, so after I went to the grocery store, did laundry, put dinner in the crockpot, put the birdseed out, etc. (you get the idea), I sat on my bed (this is where I bead right now) and made two necklaces from Lynn Davis’ beautiful polymer clay pendants. I’m just showing you the detail shots, but I had a good day, I think! The first is the geisha pendant, and the second is the kelly green heart pendant. My process is to fondle the beads, and leave them on my nightstand so before I go to bed I can look at them. Somehow that translates into ideas for me! So that’s what I have been doing with these pendants and today was the day the ideas came! I don’t know if I’ll sell the items or keep them!

Lorelei’s Jewelry

My new friend Lorelei and I participated in a trade recently; I sent her some beads and she sent me a beautiful necklace! You can read about it here. Over the weekend, Lorelei got the beading bug and made a bunch of beautiful pieces with my beads. The first bracelet is sold already, but you can click on the other three (earrings above and necklace and last bracelet below) in case you want to buy them! She really does such unique work – she has a style all her own! I really like it. It’s earthy, organic, and peaceful to me. I really like how she combines different elements to bring them together as a beautiful piece of jewelry.

Heads Up!

You get the heads up, since you read my blog! I have a very pretty set of beads ending tonight on ebay, and will be listing two more auctions. One of them is shown – a BIG beautiful focal bead made with my giant lentil Zoozii press. It’s not really giant, but it does measure 31mm! It’s a really nice piece with which to make a pendant. I’ll be making more of these big ones soon!