Beyond The Bead

I took the kids to the bookstore before dinner and grocery store yesterday (GEEZ – teenagers eat a lot!) and picked up this book for me, Beyond The Bead, by Margot Potter. I really like it. There’s so much information, if you want to invest the $22.99. I needed some eye candy and some boredom busters and some new ideas, so I bought it. I like the I’ll Fly Away – Creating Faux Enameled Jewelry section the most, I think. It’s the bird earring and necklace set on the front cover. I have a lot of stamps from my life BK (before kids) so I think I have at least one thing on the list of things I would have to buy to make the project!!! I can say I recommend the book, if you are looking to expand your creativity beyond the typical beaded necklace/earrings! You may have to invest in some supplies, but if you are looking to take the jewelry you make and sell to a different level or in a different direction, then this book is for you!

Little Shells

My mom is laughing right now, because I’ve always liked “little” things. These are the little shells I found on the beach last night – my favorite kind here at Hilton Head is the lacy, ruffly looking one on the bottom second from left. Probably because they are the hardest to find and there doesn’t seem to be very many of them. We don’t get a lot of “good” shells here – I guess it has something to do with the coast line – the shells here are like this, and usually broken up. No sea glass, either. But lots of jellyfish and horseshoe crabs.

When I was young, we went to Florida all the time because my grandparents owned a hotel there at Clearwater Beach. Sometimes we went to the beach and you could always find great shells there – I knew the names of all the shells! I even had a book, that’s how interested I was in them. But I had to find them – it wouldn’t be the same.

I’d love to go to a beach where I could find sea glass – I love the idea of it, and would like to be able to incorporate it into my jewelry designs. I would drill a hole to make a pendant, or earrings, or just dangly beads. I know, I could buy it, but it wouldn’t be the same. Right, engineer?


It is so windy on the beach, the engineer shot this 4 second video just so you could see how windy it actually is! He had to leave for a few days, to go home to teach and do some consulting. He’ll be back, though, to help me drive back home. He’s having dinner with my parents tonight, so he’s in good hands! In the meantime, I have three kids here to entertain – not that it’s too hard, they get up late, watch tv and swim or go to the beach in the late afternoon. We just got back from the beach, and the water is so warm in the pool, they are going to go for a little night swim! See you tomorrow with some new beach finds. I’m heading to a little bead store tomorrow, too, after my bike ride with my son, so maybe I’ll find some good beads to show you!

Happy Saturday, Y’all

Can’t you just hear Paula Deen saying that? She’s from near here (Savannah) and she has a restaurant in Savannah I’ve never been to. Apparently it’s hard to get reservations there. Since I don’t have all my photos on this laptop, I’m just going to leave you with some bead porn today (it’s in my etsy shop now, and I have all my beads with me, so I can mail it to you!). People in the North may say, what’s that big orange ball in the sky, the sun? No, it’s a great bead by Sue! Have a great day!

My Beach Find

Yes, it’s true. Eventually, your kids do get older and you can leave them alone for short bits of time without them killing each other. That’s what the engineer and I got to do yesterday, when we went for a little walk on the beach, just us two! And look what I found! It’s pretty big too, at least an inch long.

I always love seeing new and not so new and exciting things on the beach! And in the ocean, like the dolphins we see here quite frequently. I’m not a camping person, or a spa person, I’m definitely a beach person. Have a great day!

Happy St. Pat’s!

Ok, up above you have your before and after shots of the Irish Beef Hand Pies. They turned out pretty good – took a long time to cook from frozen. I can’t say I recommend that. Also, I would add a touch more worcestershire sauce, myself. However, as far as Irish cooking goes, these can’t be beat! Pretty original. They would be much better with handmade pie crust, though, just as a suggestion!

I’m going to be travelling the 12 hours or so to Hilton Head tomorrow so most likely I will not post! By the time I get there, I will need some wine and advil! I will be back on Thursday, assuming my inherited-from-my-daughter-laptop decides to cooperate!

Top o’ the mornin’ (afternoon, evenin’) to ya as my friend Henry Clougherty says when he calls! I hope you Irish are having a great St. Patrick’s Day, and even those o’ ya who aren’t – I made Irish Beef Hand Pies for the first time for my family to have for dinner tonight. I will take a photo and post it later, when it’s all cooked up. In the meantime, here’s the link to the recipe. Yes, it’s a Martha Stewart recipe. What’s wrong with that???? Please, don’t take her perfection seriously – she has a staff!!!! Oh, yes, and I’m Irish. O’Kearney was my mom’s family name before they came to the U.S.

I have a few suggestions to make in case you decide to go ahead and spend the inordinate amount of time that it actually takes to make this recipe! Doo not be fooled – prep is NOT 15 minutes. First, do not buy the pie crust that is already in those little shells all frozen up. Buy the kind in the box, in the refrigerated section. Believe me, they roll out MUCH easier. Second, this recipe makes more than you think. Putting a 1/2 cup of filling in your 1/4 size pie crust is way too much! I made a double recipe, thinking to freeze the second set of pies from the second box of pie crusts. I had enough to actually use up the awful second set of already-frozen-in-little-tins-pie-dough and make an “irish pie”. Third, it takes a bit longer to cook up than Martha suggests – unless you really dice the red potatoes smaller than I did. But you don’t want them to get mushy either, which is why I diced mine over 1″. Red potatoes smell so good cooking, did I mention that? And the cabbage cooks down so much by the time you are done, you don’t even see it! You don’t even know it is there!

OK, having said all that, when I post the photo, I’ll tell you how they actually turned out. The only problem I am having is that I don’t have green beer… Be warned, they don’t look as pretty as Martha’s. Thank goodness I’m not a perfectionist…

Favorite Bead, Part Deux

More like two favorite beads – or really, one favorite bead and one favorite set. Anyways… The first picture is a set I made with a glass called Cosmic Storm. It’s an Oddly Odd from Vetrofond. On it’s own, it is bugly. To me. But I encased it in clear and I really like it. It gets these swirls and earthy colors and maybe that’s what a cosmic storm looks like, I don’t know. All I know is I love the effect and the colors that come out.

The second bead is my redo of the bead I blogged about earlier – the one that dropped on the concrete. The engineer took this photo, so it was taken inside and of the wrong orientation (I like the ruffle to be on the right side, I guess since I’m right handed. So is he, so I don’t know what the deal is, but, whatever.). My son’s school has an annual fundraiser called The Great Event – this year, it’s at the aquarium at our zoo. I am going to donate a canape knife/appetizer fork set with a slumped recycled wine bottle cheese tray for the on-line auction. The beads will be like this, but without the ruffle so you can actually hold them! Wish me luck!

They are both going in the etsy store right now. I’d get the Cosmic Storm ones, if you really like them – I’ll be gone for a week and wont’ be able to make any on the beach!