I’m Proud Of These!

I love these beads – the cobalt filigrana hollow bead and disc bead set that you can find in my etsy store. They take lots of practice! At least for me. I am actually taking a summer intensive in August at the Pittsburgh Glass Center with Barbara Becker-Simon, for the sole purpose of getting better at hollows! But I have to say I am so proud of these ones, they are the first I believe are fit for sale! Hopefully my intensive will help me a lot, because I have to say that hollows and discs are my favorite beads to look at! I want them to be my favorite beads to make. The queen of hollows has to be Andree Kosack. I have one of hers and I love it!

Me and the son just took a walk, in the sprinkling rain. It was nice, getting time with him. The girl is at the glass center, finishing up her Photographic Imagery in Glass class. She loved it. She’s going to be an arty girl!

Free Shipping in SueBeads Etsy Store

Pretty Photo for you, Diamond Waterfall in St. Lucia

For Mother’s Day, I am offering free shipping in the SueBeads etsy store, until May 9th, my birthday! I was actually born on Mother’s Day!!! What a gift! :} The only thing is, I don’t feel like changing over 60 listings, so just wait for a revised invoice to pay! OR I will be happy to refund shipping if you forget!

Today has been pretty much like yesterday – bank, BB&B, make beads, eat lunch, use de-piller on the karate dobok (sp?) that I got at BB&B, move buttons on my daughter’s uniform kilt, plant some plants, dishes, get dinner in the crockpot, etc. While I’m not done yet – I have to make some earrings with my beads for the Pittsburgh Glass Center Sale on May 9th, I did sit outside to move the buttons and boy, is it nice!!! I love this weather, and getting some alone time before the craziness starts again at 4pm.

Oh yeah, I wanted to mention, my daughter has been taking a class at the Glass Center called Photographic Imagery in Glass. She has a fantastic flair for photography, and loves glass (of course!) and this was perfect for her. She made a piece (it’s still waiting to be sandblasted) and wrote a poem to go along with it. I won’t post the poem until I get to post a photo of the piece, too, but let me tell you, I am FORCING her to submit it to a teen poetry magazine – she is just amazing!

Oh yes, and my son is participating in an all martial arts championship tournament on Saturday (all day!!!). He usually comes home with a trophy bigger than he is. I hope he does again this year, although it will be tougher for him now that he is a black belt. But he’s really good, so I’ll keep my fingers crossed. He likes to trick me into thinking he did horrible! I’ll let you know!

Edited to add – thanks Heather for the name of the waterfall!

Not Much New

Here’s how I spent my day yesterday – get kids off to school, walk, workout, make beads, eat lunch, go to post office and grocery store, have iced tea with my friend Jill, empty dishwasher, clean up some messes, kids get home and leave for karate dojo, wine store and sporting goods store, make dinner, clean beads, etch beads, pack up some beads, clean up kitchen, homework with son (although the engineer did the bulk of that, I stuck around to check the attitude), get things ready for tomorrow, watch funny shows on tv, go to bed. Today I have to go to the bank, the BB&B, and make beads. I’m sure there’s other stuff, but I can’t remember right now. I am participating in a sale at the Pittsburgh Glass Center on May 9th, so I need to get a bunch more things ready. I have no idea how those sales go, so I guess it will be a learning experience. It’s from 10-4, I’ll put out a reminder later!

So in the meantime, here’s a photo of some beads I made a while ago that I just loved! They were nice and chunky, with a great color combo!

Checked Bags

This is what I found in my in-box this morning:

“Save time and money when you check in online. Beginning July 9, 2009, you’ll be able to pay for checked bags when you check in online – $15 for your first checked bag and $25 for your second. For customers who choose to pay for checked bags at the airport, there will be an additional $5 service fee, so save a few when you check in online”

After I let out a huge laugh, I became a bit angry.

My Daughter’s Bizarre Talent

My daughter seems to have the bizarre talent of being able to fashion animals, in this case a dinosaur, out of the foil you get your food in at Moe’s. Moe’s here is now closed, but I kept the dinosaur – it lives on my kitchen windowsill and will hopefully survive until she goes to college and can take it with her. Or, I may keep it forever!