Large lentil with hand-pulled twistie, given some twists!

Remember that ketchup song from the 70’s (yes, dating myself, ohwell!)? That’s how you should say this word. I was going to sell at the Pittsburgh Glass Center this weekend, until I received an email and saw who I would be sitting next to – Mike Mangiafico, Karen Leonardo, Diana Dugina-Reibling… I decided not to do it. I think it may have been a mistake, but I already told them I’m not coming. I have a new friend who has an artist husband; she told me he says my stuff is good! My other friends have told me my stuff is good. Why don’t I feel that way? I don’t know. But it’s a new challenge for me, to figure this out! Thanks for listening!

Art Bead Scene Monthly Challenge – May

This month, the Art Bead Scene Monthly Challenge is Monet’s Waterlilys. I love all his waterlily paintings and we actually have one of them here in Pittsburgh! I just happened to make the bracelet you see here, before the ABS blog post was done! Talk about serendipity! This is going to be my first entry to the ABS challenge! It’s made with my own lampworked beads and some beautiful blue rutilated quartze I picked up at that rude Philadelphia bead store! I’m glad I bought them!

Nebulae Beads

I like these new beads – I made them the other day based on a tutorial I bought from Frogsong Studio. I don’t like copying people so instead of making lentils I made regular old donut shaped beads. (Speaking of donuts, my friend Wayne has a funky foody blog in Atlanta – if he doesn’t mind, I’ll share it sometime in the future). I like them -they are very funky and if you are the kind of person who likes one of a kind beads, these are for sure for you! I’ll list tonight or tomorrow am – it’s just crazy with 3 kids and 2 adults and all three are going in different directions – we are outnumbered!