Look What I Got!

I know, I don’t get out enough. I really don’t! I have some people working on my yard, and was kind of tired of the noise, so after I made beads this morning, my mom and I went to lunch and then BB&B. I got this cool jewelry hanger thingy – I thought it might be good for those photos of jewelry that you have to submit to magazines that just don’t come out quite right when you lay them flat! Well, that’s my excitement for today!

Niagara Falls

So, we went to Niagara Falls (American side) last weekend because the engineer had an invited speaker engagement at a conference on Sunday. We decided to take the kids. We got there on Friday and immediately headed for the Maid of the Mist; it was a very nice day and the rest of the weekend wasn’t supposed to be so nice. We had fun. We then went to dinner at a restaurant in Little Italy – I can’t say I totally recommend the restaurant, so I won’t say the name! View of the American Falls taken from the observation deck. It was getting dark already at 5:30 pm! On Saturday, we headed to Canada using the footbridge. Getting into Canada was quite easy and quick. Getting back into the US was a different story. There was a line (not quite as long as customs at Philadelphia, but a line nonetheless). I wish I wouldn’t have been so irritated so I could have taken a photo of the sign that says you have to pay 50 cents each to get back through the turnstyle into the US. Come on!

I think we ended up walking a total of 5 miles. We went to dinner at an Applebee’s a bit of a drive away – it was good, as expected of Applebee’s. Below is a view of Horseshoe Falls – Canadian side. Even for late September, it was crowded.
Here’s a closeup view of how powerful this water is! Pretty amazing!
Here’s a view of the CN Tower and the Canadian flag. I don’t think we contributed too much to the Canadian economy, except for the ridiculously expensive and not very good lunch we had at the Hard Rock cafe. Remind me never to go there again!
Alas, the Candy Planet was closed – not just for the day, but apparently forever. Too bad. I think I would have rather had lunch here!
All in all a fun weekend. Time to recover, do laundry and get back to the school schedule.

My G-20 Rant

If you believe in something, show your face and own it. Don’t be a chickenshit and wear a mask.

Don’t come to my town and throw rocks and cost the many local businesses more money. The G-20 Summit isn’t an excuse to be a common vandal – no point can be made and you won’t be taken seriously if you vandalize.

You don’t have to believe me – if you think you’re trying to make the world a better place, take an example from the Dalai Lama. His voice is louder than your rocks.

Retail Therapy, or Economic Stimulation?

In the past two weeks I have done a little retail therapy, or what I like to consider my contribution to ending the recession. What? I can think that if I want! Here are some photos of some wonderful things I bought, in no particular order! They are all great!

First is a silver sugar skull charm from Beth at Hint. Don’t you just love it? I’m really happy I was able to snag one of these!

This Old World Santa ornament is from Lynda at SCdiva – you may recall the gingko pendant I bought from her. I had to have this one too!

A floral porcelain pendant from LeAnn at SummersStudio – she does awesome work.

I did have to buy the matching charms – I think these will be earrings for me!

From Melanie at Earthenwood Studios, I purchased this mix of charms and a connector. I don’t buy much red, but I just love the detail and the flowers on these. One pair will need to be earrings, and the others I will covet until I can decide what to do with them!

At the same time, I purchased these floral raku charms from Melanie as well. They are so nice – I can’t wait to use them too!