I love these!

These beads are called Desert Canyon and they are in my etsy store right now. I think they’d make a great bracelet, but they would be good for earrings (smaller size) and additions to a necklace. I really love them! They are made by that swirly technique that Val Cox popularized in her book. She makes the most awesome beads and frit blends. This frit, however, is from Candace at Bead Goodies. It just so happens that Candace was also a target of the whacko u-boat. So I’m giving you a link to her web site so you can go give her some love, too!

Business Card Poll

Thanks to everyone who answered my poll about my business cards. I got some great comments and ideas from people, too, so thanks again! 90% said put bead photos on the cards, so that’s what I’m going to do again! I’d like them to be a little bit more arty, but of course I am bound by my lack of photographic ability. Maybe someday I’ll get around to take a course! I’ll have a rant about photography in Pittsburgh tomorrow or later today! I’m off to take some mediocre photos of beads!


I made these buttons a long time ago, you may remember a post about them. They aren’t real buttons in that they aren’t big enough to actually use on a knitting project, or even for clasps for bracelets, but you can use them for decorations. I can see a cute knitted hat, or a bracelet bead, or something like that. They are for sale in my etsy store. I’ll be making more soon!

Both kids are off to school and I am going to take a walk (I think!!!) and make some beads. Then it will be time for a very busy afternoon and evening – soccer game, saxophone lesson and special black belt class.

Grantsville, Maryland

Since we didn’t have kids this weekend, we decided to go somewhere – quick and easy. Grantsville Maryland fit the bill – 2 hours away, easy drive, nice weekend. We stayed at the Stonebow Inn – it was very nice! A little pricey for an overnight, but the little cottage we got was very nice, with a deck. We sat outside for a bit and the engineer did some computer work and I made a beaded bead – very peaceful. There was a wedding there yesterday, too. There was a creek in the back, and they built a bonfire at night. We went to a nice restaurant in Frostburg (home of Frostburg State University) called Giuseppi’s and the food was great.

This is an arch bridge just down the street from the Inn, called the Casselman River Bridge. It was built in 1813 and, at the time, was the largest stone arch bridge in the world. It was part of the Cumberland Road, or the National Road.

While driving to Grantsville, we went through this little town called Accident. Just HAD to take a photo – you can find out why it was called Accident by clicking this link (if you are so inclined!).

Driving home was a treat – as you can see, it was just a beautiful day. In Meyersdale PA we came across a couple windmill farms – they always fascinate me. I feel very strongly about exploring new methods of energy, and I think this is a great way to go!

Finally, as we drove home, we came across the Burkholder Bridge – a covered bridge in Brothers Valley PA, built in 1870. We had to drive across it, of course, and take a photo!

There were a few other cute photo opportunities that I would have liked to capture – a peacock on the side of a barn garage, a kokopelli mailbox, and some nice wagon wheel decorations. I guess that will be for another time, since I forgot my camera!



From the Merriam-Webster Dictionary

  • Main Entry: ter·raz·zo
  • Pronunciation: tə-ˈra-(ˌ)zō, –ˈrät-(ˌ)sō
  • Function: noun
  • Etymology: Italian, literally, terrace, perhaps from Old Occitan terrassa
  • Date: 1895
  • : a mosaic flooring consisting of small pieces of marble or granite set in mortar and given a high polish

Renate suggested the name for these beads – it is so fitting. Thanks so much Renate. I’d love to send you a pair if you send me your address!!!

A Few Things!

I have a few things to say today!!!! I thought I’d make them colorful, too!

1) I am so glad the first week of school is over with!

2) I am so glad it’s a long weekend!!!!

3) I sold some beads to someone in Vilnius, Lithuania – how cool is that? Your beads are on their way today!

4) The engineer received this email from someone last night – take a look:

“can you please send me an abstract on GRID COMPUTING WITHIN 4 HOURS….PLEASE”

So, the engineer works at a university and is fairly famous in his field – can you imagine getting this from someone – at 2am??!!??!?! This someone is apparently a student from a foreign university who apparently doesn’t realize how small the world is!

5) I am going to Maryland tomorrow for a fun B&B overnight near Deep Creek – I’ve never been there.

6) I’ll have some beads on etsy later today and yes, the dust is free!!!!!