More Beads in Etsy Store

I am listing a bunch of earring pairs, because I think these are a great way to make a gift for someone and still keep to a budget – plus you can dress them up with gemstones or crystals and get some really nice creations going! Check out the SueBeads etsy store, and let me know if there’s something you want that’s not currently listed! I am having fun this week, with no orders, being able to just play and make whatever I want! (As long as the kids stay healthy – knock wood!).

Beads and Tagged

I listed some more pairs in the etsy store – I think these are great for low-cost holiday gifts! I’ll be listing some more later today, as well. Also, I have been tagged by Leslie at Bei Mondi (who I am meeting tomorrow for lunch!) to tell you seven things you may not know about me! So here goes!

1. I am incredibly afraid of heights – that being said, whenever I travel and there’s a tall thing to climb (Tower of London, Warwick Castle, Leaning Tower of Pisa) I will do it because I’m there!

2. I am incredibly allergic to cats, but I love them so much. I hope someday to get two more – I really miss my Tom and BooBoo.

3. I have a Master’s Degree in Human Resources and I really HATE the business world.

4. I have never taken an art class (after elementary school), but think I do pretty well on my beads and with color, if I do say so myself! I have taken classes at the Pittsburgh Glass Center.

5. At the end of the day, sometimes my guilty pleasure is to watch reality tv – Survivor and The Hills. My engineer teases me about this. Sneers, really…

6. I absolutely love the Caribbean and those tasty rum drinks they make and snorkeling and watching my engineer have a great time scuba diving – and this year, the engineer and I are going to miss our couple-time trip. I’m sad about that.

7. Even though I say he looks like a rat, or a chipmunk, I talk to the gerbil sometimes and enjoy giving him treats, because I actually think he likes me!

San Diego Beads

I think I mentioned that a few weeks ago, I got to go to San Diego with the engineer because he was presenting a paper at UCSD – while I was there, I was able to see my college friend Kelly and my Aunt Kathleen. Of course, everywhere I go, I have to find some bead stores. This trip, I found two that were easy for us to find. This is the first one I’ll tell you about!

The Black Sheep is a bead and knitting store (more like a knitting store with some beads) on the Historic 101 in Encinitas. We stopped there before we went to my Aunt’s house; besides visiting the bead store, we had lunch at a very authentic Japanese restaurant. The engineer was quite happy which was great because he waited patiently without sighing while I looked through the beads and buttons!
First, I bought these awesome czech beads. Pretty very tiny two-toned faceted beads in emerald and teal blue; then the beautiful blue cathedral beads.

They had a really great supply of buttons there – I purchased both of these in the hopes that I can use them in some jewelry designs. If not, I’ll just use them on some clothing or something!

Sign Spotting

One day, the engineer got a check in the mail. We had no idea who it was from, or what it was for. There was a notation that he could google, and it turns out his photo above was published! We were in Pisa and took a tour of the Leaning Tower; this sign was at the bottom of the steps. We love funny signs (there are SO many in Japan, he even submitted one from Japan too) and I told him he should submit it to the Sign Spotting feature in the newspaper. He did, and I guess they published it and sent him a check. His caption was Beware of Break Dancers (goofy, but funny). This weekend, he received a mystery package in the mail; it was this book! So if you want a few laughs, why don’t you go check out the book? It’s fun!

More New Beads

I have some more new beads listed in the SueBeads etsy store, and even more finishing cooking right now! I’m excited to get these ones out of the kiln – Leslie wanted some of the gray sugar beads, and since I had the frit out, I just kind of went crazy making sugar beads! Hopefully I’ll get the pictures taken later and list them tonight or tomorrow!