My Entry for Erin’s Hardware Challenge

Erin, of Treasures Found, is hosting a challenge right now – use hardware store objects to create jewelry (the short version!). This is my entry. I know it’s not a winner – there are some amazing creations to be seen! – but I had fun with the lock washers. They make great jump rings. The internal lock washer connects the ear wire, and the external lock washer connects the dangle (the spikey one). I was going to create a bracelet for the challenge as well, but had a migraine on Friday and a migraine hangover on Saturday and just didn’t find the time to create this weekend. We did get our tree, however, so I feel something was accomplished! I may still make it, just to try it. I’ll let you know!


Well, it’s that time of year – busy busy busy. Too many things to do and no time. Why does it always creep up on us? Not like we don’t KNOW this is coming, or anything. But every year, I’m writing more and more things on the calendar and making things and well, you get the picture. I’m going to change up the SueBeads etsy sale tonight – for some reason, the free shipping wasn’t very enticing to anyone! So I’ll pick another category to put on sale – any suggestions?