Seasons Beads and Recent Purchases

Here’s a photo of the seasons beads, all together! Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter – I really like this series – I will put them up for sale at some point, but for now, I like looking at them and feeling them. I think my favorite is the blue one, but I really like them all!
Now for some recent purchases. I bought this kitty charm from Beth at Hint – you may know that I had two kitties for years (17 and 15) and I just miss them so much! Sometimes I even think they are still around; out of the corner of my eye, I think, what’s Tom doing there? Or Booty would love this sunshine coming in the door! They really add so much to our lives, so I had to get this charm.
I purchased these Sugar Skull charms from Melanie at Earthenwood Studios. I know, it’s not the season for them, but she was having a sale, and it’s better than buying shoes, right???

Finally, I purchased this beautiful clay connector from Dot at Winchell Clayworks – she has some beautiful things in her shop – you should check it out! I see some of my lampwork beads making a great bracelet with this connector! Now, I just need to make myself some beads!
I hope you enjoyed looking at what I’ve purchased lately. All in all, not too expensive! I do have a great deal of things waiting for me to put them together – but my other job is taking a bit of precedence lately! That’s ok – because exciting things are going on. Can’t say right now – maybe someday!

Eye Candy

Just eye candy today – we spent some time today at a People to People Student Ambassador meeting today for my son – he is going to France and England this summer. Then the engineer and son came up, and we had pizza, and built a fire and watched Mummy 3 – very funny! Tomorrow I’ll have a more substantial post, after church, brunch, laundry, etc.!

Focal Mania(c)

Seasons – Fall – Focal Bead by Sue of SueBeads

Seasons – Spring – Focal Bead by Sue of SueBeads

Seasons – Summer – Focal Bead by Sue of SueBeads

I am having a great time making focals lately. I can just sit at the torch, pick some color combinations, and concentrate on the focal. Each one takes about 15 minutes or so to make. It’s great to be absorbed in something like that! Here is a cool set I made – Seasons – Winter was made today and I’ll post it tomorrow!

New Beads Listed

I listed some more beads in the SueBeads etsy store – those focals went fast! I’m happy! I made more yesterday; I have to photo and process them and I can list more later or tomorrow! These beads today make me happy – I hope they make you happy too!

By the way, my good friend Jill is on her way to Haiti – she’s an emergency planner and is going to put her skills to good use! I’ll be hoping she stays safe and would like to ask all my blogland friends to keep her in their thoughts, as well! Thank you!

Even More!

I finally learned how to crop and watermark my own photos, so the engineer gets a break! I just processed a bunch of photos, and among them are these two focals I just listed in the SueBeads etsy store! I really like the focals I’ve been making – kind of getting me out of my rut! I’ll probably list some more beads tomorrow, but right now, I want to go clean the 8 focals I made today!

Focal Mania

I’m on a focal-creating blitz these past few days! I have a lot of fun when I have time to sit down and just make focals! I love these ones – I love the tube focals! I made five more yesterday and eight today – I just need to process the photos, then I’ll list them in the etsy store. In the meantime, if you like these ones, you can find them for sale in the SueBeads etsy store!