YAY! What I Got Today!

I have been very patiently waiting for my beads from Barbara Lewis so I can make some more enameled beads and they came today! I’m like a 3 year old waiting for a cookie! Also, I ordered the bunny bead for my daughter’s best friend’s birthday gift and the sakura flower for me from LeAnn of Summer’s Studio! Don’t you love getting packages in the mail???? I’m so happy!

Enameled Head Pins

I made some enameled head pins last night, and had a great time! I listed a set in my SueBeads etsy store. They were made on 20 gauge copper wire. These ones measure 2 inches. I made some more this morning that measure approx. 2 1/2 inches. These ones would look great paired with ceramic beads, or lampwork! I had no idea what to charge for them, so they are 20 for $4.00 right now. If anyone has a better idea, I am open to suggestions! Or, if you want more, or less, or whatever, let me know what your opinion is! I have thrown them, banged them and squeezed them and the enamel does not break off!


The engineer is in Germany, in Essen, giving an invited talk. He sent me some photos from Dusseldorf, including this one. I assume it must be on a bank!

Dies Marchen Wird Wohl Niemals Wahr. Das Leben Lehrt Sei Klug Und Spar.

This fairytale will probably never come true. Life teaches you to be smart and save.

March Art Bead Scene Challenge

This month’s Art Bead Scene challenge is based on Van Gogh’s Almond Blossom painting. It’s a beautiful painting! I created the necklace below based on that painting. I made some blue swirly beads, and found some vintage german glass flowers. I created the collage heart pendant with washi paper and small glass marbles in blue and silver. The clasp is from Rocki’s Supplies on etsy. The branch connector is from Fusion Beads. I like it – I think I may actually wear it, too!