Stash From South Carolina

While I was in South Carolina last week, I went to two bead stores! One was called Beads on Cannon, on Cannon Street in Charleston. They had a cute little house with two floors of beads; on the top floor, it was all gemstones, pearls, swarovski, etc. They had a great stash of stuff from Tuscon, that I just couldn’t pass up! This photo shows Dragon’s Blood Jasper, Red Creek Jasper, and three colors of magnesite.I bought three types of magnesite, and it was really hard to stop there. The first is peach, the second is purple mosaic, and the third is the greatest shape of turquoise magnesite! I can’t possibly use all of them, so I plan on destashing some of them in my etsy store in the near future! These are just so great!
I also bought these beautiful barrel beads in Red Creek Jasper – they are so gorgeous, you can’t believe it! I think these need to be a bracelet for me!
The second store is Black Market Minerals on Hilton Head Island, in Coligny Shopping Center. We always go there – the kids love it. This year, my daughter bought a didgeridoo and my son bought a skull walking stick! I bought beads!
These are some pairs of tumbled agate, and some chinese porcelain beads.
These ones are gorgeous teardrop tumbled agate – I love the colors! I can’t wait to use them.
These are some carved agate, looks like fire agate to me. We had a great time – we went to Charleston and went to the USS Yorktown at Patriot’s Point, and we went to the South Carolina Aquarium while we were there. We went to California Dreaming for dinner before we left. All in all, a good day. We played Pirate mini golf at Hilton Head and basically relaxed and pooled and beached! More photos tomorrow!

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter to all my blogworld friends! I spent the day cleaning up, doing laundry, unpacking, making enamel beads, figuring out what the heck is wrong with my air conditioner, doing dinner with the family and telling my kids to unpack and do their homework! Tomorrow I take the girl for yet another doctor appointment for her concussion (not gone yet, so no softball yet this week – she’s going to be mad!!!) and preparing myself for surgery on Friday. Hopefully I’ll get those enamel beads listed and maybe make some glass beads – but it’s too early to tell what my week has in store for me. I’d love to get some photos of the great beads I bought in Charleston! Hopefully that will work tomorrow!


I’m finally home. It was at least 80 degrees here today, apparently, and guess what? My stinkin’ A/C doesn’t work… I was at Hilton Head for a week in cooler weather than this, perfectly happy, getting my tan on, and I come home to no A/C…

Can’t wait to show you my stash tomorrow, and get busy making enameled beads. I got a BUNCH in the mail while I was gone!!!!

Also, more heart resin charms, and more glass headpins (I also got copper wire!!!).