Sets, Kits and My Bud

A trio of things today! First off, a photo of my Bud playing Lacrosse on Thursday (he’s number 10 in the middle of the photo). What a violent little sport that is – the boys wear helmets because they are allowed to smack each other with the sticks. The girls don’t wear helmets because they aren’t supposed to smack each other with the sticks. Interesting, huh? I propose girls wear helmets for sports, because they can get concussions, I should know right???Next is a photo of a set of enameled beads I made. Would you, my loyal blog readers, be willing to buy these color-coordinated sets? I have been having fun mixing colors to get some really cool flavors, and I think sets would be good if you like the color and want to use some as pairs or some separate?
Then, we have my earring kits. I originally put these together for the Holiday Shoppe I was doing at my daughter’s school. Turns out it’s just not lucrative enough for me to sit there all day and feel sick from the heat and coffee smell! So I have these kits available that I’d like to sell – what say you, blog readers? Yea or nay?


* Yesterday was my dad’s birthday (Happy Birthday Dad!). We went out for dinner to celebrate – it was nice! Good food!

* My surgery seems to have been a success, but I guess I have to wait a little bit longer to make sure! Keep your fingers crossed for me!

* The girl’s concussion test scores are going up! This is due to the addition of a medication that makes the dopamine in her brain work harder to help her think better. I’m learning so much! We have been averaging three doctor appointments a week, so I usually only have Fridays to make beads, and that’s after I do the grocery stuff, or whatever! Yesterday I got to make beads, which leads to…

* I will have some beads and some headpins listed later, as soon as I get to take the photos today, because…

* It’s pool opening day, and while the engineer can handle it himself, I know I will have to be on-call to help with whatever…fun!

* I’ll leave you with this photo of my wisteria, from the spring. It’s the 10th year for it, and boy did it go crazy this year with blooms!

Edited to add – new additions in the SueBeads etsy store, and photos here!

What To Do With These Enameled Three Petal Flowers

Someone asked, what do you do with the three petal enameled flowers? This is what I came up with. I used a blue/green one, and used a small czech rondelle to layer it. I made a quick copper balled headpin (I dipped it in water like Lynn said to do, but I did it twice, and got this pretty blue color!). Then I made a wrapped loop on the back, it can be used as a dangle or button. But if you move the loop 90 degrees, you can also use it in other ways on your piece. Just an idea!