What I’m Working With!

Yesterday, I was blissfully making beads, minding my own business, when I heard an explosion that made me jump! It came from my oxygen concentrator, which then started grinding to a halt! I have (knock on wood) NEVER had a problem with it before, so I guess I was due! My friend Jason came over and figured out what was wrong with it (heat exchanger), ordered the part for me, and helped me set up the oxygen tank that I used to use before I bought the concentrator. There was some oxygen left in it, but alas this afternoon it is almost gone. I was hoping to get some enameled head pins done and may be able to tomorrow. The gas place is not open over the weekend, so I’ll have to have fun (?) instead. Saturday consists of driving children all over the city, and Sunday I’ll be at the Steeler game! Luckily there was enough oxygen for me to finish the order I was working on when the concentrator blew up!

Tonight I’m going to take my son to see my daughter’s high school play, Oliver. She works in the crew and has had a blast!


Just about 3 weeks late or so, but finally…my “Copy Me” bracelet! Gaea, of Gaea’s Ceramic Studio, had a little challenge and I was lucky enough to be one of the participants. Never mind that life has been getting in the way here recently…finally today I sat in bed and made the bracelet. Sat in bed to make it? Yes, I have been feeling rotten for a week now, and it was rainy and just a perfect time to sit in bed to do this!!!The ceramic beads are hers, and the idea was to take her bracelet and make it your own. Or not. Didn’t matter to her! The ceramic beads are separated by burgundy miracle beads. Oh, all except one, if you didn’t notice. I didn’t until I took the photos. I’ll have to go back and get that little fuschia bugger out of there and replace her with burgundy. Your time is limited, baby!
I used antiqued copper chain and brass – the combo is very rustic and that’s my style, so I like it! There are two sections of chain leading up to the clasp.
The clasp is a simple Patina Queen clasp, and I made a little dangle out of a Patina Queen hammered head pin and another miracle bead – at least it’s the correct color!

Thank you Gaea for sending me the ceramic beads, and your patience with me. It really has been a challenging few weeks for me – I am hoping it gets better.

*Yeah right Sue, with Christmas 6 weeks away*

Jewelry Swap

Lori Anderson (Bead Soup Blog Party) had initiated another swap, a Jewelry Swap. The participants would send each other a piece of jewelry that just did not work for them, and they would re-work it into their own style! Cool! I did not sign up to participate however, because I have had just too much on my plate lately (as evidenced by my lack of blogginess). Here is a list of the participants. I believe they are doing the blog-hop tomorrow so you should check it out!!!
Erin Prais-Hintz http://treasures-found.blogspot.com
Jen Velasquez http://jenjuddrocks.blogspot.com
Johanna Rhodes http://firephoenixcreations.blogspot.com
Laurel Steven http://laurelsteven.blogspot.com
Loretta Carstensen http://www.designsbyloretta.blogspot.com
Lori Anderson http://www.PrettyThingsBlog.com
Mallory Hoffman http://rosebud101-fortheloveofbeads.blogspot.com
Marianna Boylan http://www.stargirlshop.blogspot.com
Norma Turvey http://www.bead dreams and moonlitfantaseas
Sharon Misuraco http://goinoffthebeadinpath.blogspot.com
Stacey Curry http://starhitchedwagon.blogspot.com
Tyne Bodenburg http://www. tynebodennecklaces.blogspot.com

Rings ‘n Things Blog Partner Challenge

Rings and Things recently announced their October Challenge for Blog Partners, and I was lucky enough to be picked! They included some glass bezels and tiles, as well as some bails to use with them. Yesterday I got busy and make this magnet set out of the tiles I received. I used some Tim Coffey special paper from JoAnn’s. I think they turned out great! I took the photo before I put the magnets on the back, so they would photo well!