Great Day!

Wow, today is turning out to be a great day! First, I found out this morning that the amazing Margot Potter is my Bead Soup Partner! I have a good idea about what I’m going to send her, I hope she likes it! As I’m sure you all know, she’s a pretty amazing person and great designer!

Then, I got my Shun knife set this morning! Fed Ex was out bright and early (note to self- just because it’s Saturday morning doesn’t mean you should walk around the house with wet hair and no makeup!)! I received the money as a gift from my parents at Christmas to buy my knives. Loser that I am, I only ordered it a few days ago! Now finally I have a good knife set! Woo Hoo!

Finally, I will be going to the Steeler playoff game against the Ravens later today! While it’s going to be crazy, and I don’t loooooove large crowds like that, I am excited to be going to the game with my sweetie and having some fun and bad food!

New Puppy

I went with Jason today to Ohio so he could pick out this adorable Springer Spaniel as his new puppy. He lost a long-time companion last week (Darby) and wanted to get a new puppy. No one around us breeds Springers so that’s why we went to Ohio. Isn’t she adorable? I was the nice girlfriend and drove home so the puppy could sit on his lap the whole way! They both took a nap too! Too cute!


This is what my sweetie likes to say sometimes, in a joking manner. Something about some crazy cartoon video on the web… Anyways! I see I’ve been silent for almost a week here. It’s been busy, although I can’t say what I’ve accomplished except for fretting. Fretting about taxes, my spreadsheet not working right, paperwork, getting this house in order… I could go on. Instead, I’ll just show you some photos of some beads available in the SueBeads etsy store right now. That should make this snow day a little more palatable!

Blue Day!

No, not for me, just the beads! Yesterday was a really great day for me! Thanks for all the nice comments about my Bead Trends jewelry! I had a big order from my web site too (SueBeads)! I had some fun making enameled beads, and today I am back to lampworked beads! I am going out with my sweetie tonight to watch the Pens’ game and have a couple beers! Wonder if they’ll win as big as last night (8-1!)?

You can find all the above-pictured beads in my SueBeads etsy store!

January Bead Trends

I totally forgot I had two items in the January 2011 Bead Trends Magazine. So imagine my surprise when I opened my front door to go get my mail, and my little box was waiting there with my items and two copies of the magazine. It’s a great issue! Lorelei Eurto is the featured designer, and I am in such amazing company with all the other contributors! Happy Dance!