Where Have I Been????

I have been absent on blogger here for a few days – I’ve been busy. It’s hard to do things the way you usually do them when kids are home from school. I wish summer break was shorter! Bad mom! There are so many things to coordinate with them, and I have been working on house projects as well as making a bunch of jewelry for my show in October. My basement storage room was painted with waterproof paint on Tuesday by my daughter and I, and I have been pitching junk, rearranging and building shelves, etc. for that room! Another project has been the wall in my backyard by the pool. It was falling over and needed to be replaced, but took longer than I thought it would. Last night we finally started mulching all the planting we did last weekend. I still need to buy some lights and I am going to get some cement Japanese lanterns for the area.

I leave you with a pretty portulaca flower from my yard! It was blooming this morning before it turned 95 degrees outside!


Today my computer received the gift of a trojan horse virus. Because of the bad behavior, the computer is now residing at Best Buy for a week of reprogramming by the Geek Squad. I am on my laptop and don’t have all my photo editing programs, etc. on it. Therefore, I don’t know if I’ll be able to post any photos of any new items or bugs. But I will keep you informed without photos if I have to!

In the meantime, please feel free to take advantage of the web site sale I have going on – just click on the link to your right!

Filigree Earrings

Have you wondered what to do with those cute filigree pairs I just listed in my SueBeads etsy store? Here’s an earring idea!

Start by making an eye pin with 22 gauge sterling wire. Open the eye pin and attach the filigree finding. Add a bead to the eye pin and make a wrapped loop. Open your ear wire loop and attach the earring unit to the ear wire! I made these ear wires with 20 gauge sterling. That’s it! Very easy! You can use gemstones, silver beads, swarovski crystals, whatever you can think of! The nice thing about these earrings is that although they dangle, they are very light!

The first set is made with china pink filigree and blue crazy lace agate faceted rounds. The second pair is made with sky blue filigree and green magnesite pumpkin beads. The third pair are made with violet filigree and turquoise teardrops that I got from a bead store in Savannah. The violet really didn’t want to have it’s picture taken today.