Customer Work!

This is a very long overdue post to highlight some of my wonderful customers and the work they do with my beads! Click on their names and you can visit their stores on etsy!

Kristin TurconeKristin made these very cute earrings from my lampwork beads – she has a great store on etsy called SushiKo!
Courtney BreulShe made this beautiful bracelet using one of my enameled filigree pieces as the connector; very creative!

Rosemarie Cowit

Rosemarie made these cute earrings with my lampwork beads; they are listed in her new etsy store!

Sally made these beautiful earrings with my lampwork beads. She’s an amazing artist and a very sweet person – I have had the pleasure to meet her in person!

Karon used my lampwork beads to make these great earrings. She has the most colorful shop on etsy!


I was feeling the love a couple weeks ago when I won not one, but two, giveaways! They both made my week because I have been having some not so great experiences lately and this reminded me you just have to wait, sometimes, for something better to happen!

First, I won Cindi Lavin’s (Beading Arts) giveaway of some beautiful vintage beads! There are pearls, crystals and lucite in there! Can’t wait to use them soon! She is also having a giveaway going on right now, so you might just want to hop over there and sign up!Then, imagine my delight when I found out that I won one of Gaea’s sets of beads! I love her sets, and I love the colors I received! I had to get myself over to her web site, as well, and order a few things while I was there! And I forgot to order some lantern beads of hers, so I will have to go back!!!!!
Thank you so much, ladies, for picking me!

Holiday Earrings

Do you like to wear holiday-themed items, but don’t want to be waaaay obvious? I made these earrings and I think they fit the bill! I used two of my enameled filigrees in victorian red, and two of my ice sparkle mini beads. I made my own ear wires, too, and used two saucer beads on each one. I think they look pretty festive without being loud! If you happen to want a set of ice sparkle minis and red filigrees (4 beads total), let me know! I’ll sell you a set for $10, and that includes shipping! What a deal!

Andrew’s October Challenge

Andrew Thornton has a monthly challenge where you purchase a kit, with some special ingredients, and then on the appointed day reveal what you made with your kit! Today is the day! I have to say I am very happy to even have these done, because my head has been trying to get a full-on migraine for days…This is a necklace I made with his special skull bead and some really cool ball chain he sent with the kit! I decided the ball chain and skull needed to be kept separate and together; it’s a great necklace and my daughter will be receiving it!
Then I made a bracelet with the three bigger beads he sent and the glass headpin that was in the kit! I used two types of chain and the gorgeous gorgeous little variety of seed beads he sent. I love them! I wish I could bead weave, they are such great little beads!
Then I made this pair of earrings with the pretty luxury beads he sent, and my own ear wires! These pieces came together easily for me, and I’m glad I got the pieces done!
Here are the other participants!
Rosemarie Cowit
Cilla Watkins
Christina Porter
Collette Collins
Mary Govaars
Cindy Cima Edwards
Jessica Nelson
Tara Linda
Alice Peterson
Lisa Lodge
Cece Cormier
Karin Slaton
Sandi Volpe-You are here
Kate Richbourg
Sue Kennedy
Michelle Mach
Shay Williams
Michelle Hardy
Andrew Thornton

Spacer Day

A few days ago I wasn’t having what I would call a highly successful bead day. And I had all these shorts laying around on my bench cluttering things up. So I decided to use my special Graceful Customs tool and make spacers, using up all the shorts. I made quite a few – 132 to be exact. They will be available in the SueBeads etsy store today because, well, sometimes you need spacers! The great thing about these spacers is, they will be available 12 for $10! A little bit of a break for you!