Not Keeping UP!

I’m exhausted. Could it be from being a single parent and having two incredibly involved children? Could it be from having a neck spasm for over a week and not sleeping? Could it be from trying to do too many things and therefore not doing anything? I don’t know, but I am completely exhausted. I’m trying to keep up. But I’m not… the blogging is faltering, I haven’t been reading others’ blogs, facebook and pinterest I haven’t been keeping up with, blah blah blah! I have a show this weekend, and am finally back to making beads again this week for that. My daughter has a play (she’s the technical director) for Friday and Saturday night, AND she’s taking her driver’s test on Saturday. My son plays basketball and is in his school musical. I’ll be glad when this weekend is over, it won’t be so bad then – she won’t be staying at school every single night. And the show will be over and I can concentrate on making things for the little shop I have consigned with. And the Bead Fest Philly, which I can’t wait for!!!! Selling beads, instead of jewelry and other stuff, is what I really really want to do! I’ll have some beads listed tomorrow, check here for a heads-up!