OPL Sale – Other People’s Lampwork Sale!

When I started making jewelry years ago, I bought lots of other people’s lampwork. I loved it. I loved the colors! I loved that people made them themselves. I really enjoyed the hunt on ebay for great beads! Now, I make my own lampwork beads. I have stashes of beads that I don’t use anymore. So I am offering them here for greatly discounted prices! Each lot below is $10 plus $2 no frills shipping, except for the last item, which is $13 plus $2. I can’t tell you who made them, I just know I bought them on ebay. I’ll have some more sets tomorrow- if you purchase more than one set, I’ll refund you excess shipping! SOLD – OPL Lot 1 – Blue, violet and black 5 larger beads and 4 spacer sized beads $10 + $2

OPL Lot 2 – Boro pendant, $10 + $2

SOLD! OPL Lot 3 – one set of 8 green spacer beads, 1 set black and white beads $10 + $2

OPL Lot 4 – 6 bubble beads, one pink clear and black focal, 3 turquoise and ivory $10 + $2

OPL Lot 5 – 6 brown and raku beads, one coral and raku etched, one yellow and raku $13 + $2

Birthday Earrings

It was my friend Jill’s birthday yesterday and I made her these earrings! She is a horse person so these charms are perfect! Problem is, I want more of the charms. I only bought two sets from Bead Shop and now I wish I would have purchased more because it seems they don’t have them anymore. Does anybody know where I could get some like these? Or, alternatively, I could make them with PMC if someone knew of a similar stamp? Thanks for any help!

Barb Fernald Earrings!

I love Barb Fernald’s style! I love her work! I love her earrings! So much so that when she recently posted some that she had made, I emailed her right away that I neeeeeeeded two of them! And being that crazy Barb, she agreed that she needed to sell them! And now they are mine! A little gift for me! Why not, I’m always giving to other people, why not to myself!??!?! You should visit her etsy store and check out what she has listed there – she does amazing work, not only PMC but copper and bronze clay, too. You’ll probably neeeeeeed some of her stuff, too, and maybe she’ll need to sell it to you!


I didn’t have time to post the winner of these earrings yesterday, because I WORKED! At like a real job! I worked with my boyfriend yesterday doing physical labor! It was great – got me out of the house, out of my slump, away from beads! I was thrilled. Today I saw my endocrinologist and found out that I can go even longer now without seeing him or getting neck ultrasounds! Next one will be in 2014! WOO HOO! Gonna go out tonight to celebrate a couple of things.

So, now, the winner is Maryanne, of Zingala’s Workshop. I’ll contact you, Maryanne, so you can get me your address!

Thanks for playing!

Our Weekend at Bedford Springs

I think we love this place! The Omni Bedford Springs has a Groupon occasionally and I always take advantage of it. Over St. Patrick’s Day weekend, we went up to Bedford for the weekend and had a fantastic time!We went shooting at the Bedford Sportsman’s Club – it’s the first time I’ve been shooting since I was 16 – and even then, I didn’t have lessons. I didn’t do so great, but look at my form!
Getting silly at the Jean Bonnet Tavern!
Fancy drinks at the Jean Bonnet Tavern!
Fun place to go for food and drink!
He got the only one!

Caught in action!
One of the three hiking trails they have there – it ended up my boyfriend got a tick on this walk and is now waiting to see if he has lyme disease…
Funky tree trunk!