Featured Item of the Week!

Silvered Aqua Terra

In order to get some traffic to my website – SueBeads – I’m offering a featured item of the week!  This feature will be on sale for an entire week, from Monday to Sunday.  Then the next Monday there will be a new Feature of the Week!  I’m hoping this will introduce you to my web site, and also make me update it more frequently with my made-to-order beads!  So, this week, the featured bead set is Silvered Aqua Terra!  It was $30, but this week it’s $25!!!!  Please go check it out, and check out all the other beads I have to offer for made-to-order!

Art Jewelry Elements Earring Challenge!

This is the first reveal for the Art Jewelry Elements Earring Challenge!  You can read more about it here.  The challenge is to create a pair of earrings each week, and post about them every two weeks.  Participants sign up for quarterly increments and post on a special AJE Pinterest board.  The earrings must include an art bead.  These are the earrings I posted!  The first ones are cool wintery earrings with my own shimmery lampwork beads.  The second ones are probably more for fall, and feature my enameled leaf charms.  You can find both of these earring pairs for sale at my SueBeads Jewelry store on etsy!  Please stop by and check it out!  It’s lonely!  If you head over to AJE, you can check out what everyone made via the linky tool!

52 Weeks – Focus On LIfe – Week Three – Take Time

This week’s photo prompt from Sally Russick is Take Time – take time to do something for yourself.  My boyfriend and I ran errands on Thursday night and then he asked me where I wanted to go and eat.  Hmmmm.  I didn’t really care.  He suggested Outback Steakhouse.  I said, ok…  Then I remembered their Wallaby Darned drink.  So this was the time I took for myself this week – I had a good steak and a good drink!  And it was a fun mid-week date! 

New Work

Yesterday, after I made my bead orders, I played a little bit!  That’s always fun, I’m looking to expand my horizons as far as bead making goes, so hopefully I’ll be doing that! 

One thing I did was use that piece of brass wire I had sitting down there.  I wanted to see how a headpin would look with it after it anneals in the kiln.  Didn’t change the color at all, which is great!  This is too thick of a gauge, I think, so I’ll be trying 22 instead of 20.  What do you think – is 20 too thick for a headpin?

I made a big hole heart bead – this was tough.  It took a long time, kept cracking, and it’s really rough.  But I think it’s a cool idea, probably for a toggle.  It would need to the the focal, though, because it’s large!

I did some cabs too.  One broke – wah!  But I love this one.  I made more today.  Cabs are fun, because you can play after you shape the cab.  This one will be making it into the store later, with the other ones I made today!

See you tomorrow for my third week of 52 photos!

52 Weeks – Focus On Life – Week 2 – Pick Your Word

Sally Russick is hosting a weekly photo challenge, Focus on Life, and I am taking part.  This is week 2.  Our prompt was to Pick Your Word.  This is easy this week!!!!!!!  I have been spending any “free” time, meaning I have time and I feel like it, to organize my house.  I have this overwhelming urge to be “moveable”.  Not sure why.  I don’t plan on moving.  I would never get another mortgage at this point!  If I do move, it would have to be cash and a smaller place, for sure!  But thank you Sally for giving me an easy one after last week’s self-portrait!