Art Jewelry Elements Earring Challenge 11,12/52

It’s that time again!  Art Jewelry Elements Earring Challenge reveal!  Here’s what I made!  Both pairs of earrings are made with my little lampwork beads and Kristi Bowman-Gruel’s newest polymer clay creations!  Don’t you love them!  Check out AJE Blog to see what everyone else made!

What Have I Been Doing????

I have been working with my boyfriend of late, a few days a week, installing some electrical for outside lights on a property. We’ll also be doing some major landscaping work if this weather ever breaks!  It has taken me away a bit from blogs/blog hopping/blog reading and I apologize for that.  There is just not enough time in the day!!!  But I did score some free reclaimed copper!  I think I’ll use this to try those cool beads that Patti Vanderbloemen made!  I’ll have some photos and beads later!

Art Jewelry Elements Earring Challenge 9,10/52

Here’s my latest contribution to the Art Jewelry Elements Earring Challenge!  The first pair are made with my latest flower beads, which can be found in my SueBeads etsy store!  The second pair are with my latest bicone beads, in a spacy nebula type design!  You can also find some of these in my etsy store, or ask for a custom listing if you like! 

Process – Flowers II

If you read my post from Sunday, you saw the process that took place to come up with these little flower beadies (originally posted on Art Jewelry Elements)! I used the plant poke flowers for inspiration to create these little flowers, in some of the color combos I really really liked!  You can find the little flower bead pairs in my SueBeads etsy store!

Process – Flowers

This was originally posted on Art Jewelry Elements – I wanted to share it here with you in case you don’t read that blog so you can see where I started with this process.  Tomorrow you can read about the latest little flower beads you’ll find in my etsy store!

I started making these flowers on my bent mandrels because 1) I can’t
throw them away, that would be wrong, and 2) I have lots of short rods
of glass that I can’t throw away either.  This solves both problems!

on Friday, I decided to have a play day, and I made some more, but I
added some dots of color to the petals and feel that they are waaaaaay
cuter and more interesting with the dots.

a closeup of one of the them.  When I took them out of the kiln, I took
a photo and posted it on facebook.  I got a lot of “likes” for them,
and one question about whether they were going to show up in my store.  I
don’t know if anyone would be interested in them, I may sell them on my
blog, they will make great plant pokes, but it got me thinking.  What
else could I make in this style?

use as clasps or just plain old buttons, or dangles, or whatever!  So I
made one to see how it would turn out.  I kind of like it.  I’m not
thrilled with it, it needs to be more sophisticated, but I do like the
general idea.

I made a lentil-shaped bead as well.  I don’t like this as much.  To me
there’s too much space at the top and bottom where the bead hole is. 
Although if you were going to string it you would use another bead or a
bead cap anyways, so maybe the space doesn’t matter as much as I think
it does… what do you think?  This one turned out a bit wonky anyways
and don’t like the dot placement – in fact, I would probably put a heart
or a twisted flower in the middle of these beads instead of dots.  Or
I’d wear my glasses under my didys *lampwork glasses* (if they fit) so I
could see better and place the dots better!!!!

Hope you enjoyed the process!

Disc Beads and Cute Headpins

Cute floral glass headpins, more coming soon, with a full four inches of wire – you can even make it into your earwire!  Plus it was a disc bead day the other day, I think these are cute!  You can find them all at the SueBeads etsy store!

And don’t forget, these Olive Chunky Discs are on special this week at SueBeads web site!  You can even buy them in pairs or singles!

Featured Beads of the Week – Olive Chunky Discs!

This week, from March 4-10, 2013, the Featured Beads of the Week are the Olive Chunky Discs.  They were $6 each, or $30 for the set – this week only they are $5 each, or $25 for the set.  You can buy single beads or extra beads too!  Just head to the SueBeads web site!