Where Are You From? Scrabble Tile Pendants

I am having fun making these scrabble tile pendants. I had a dream the other night about using an old map I found in my desk drawer. I hurriedly made all kinds of little rectangle cuts in the map, made all the pendants, then waited for my wonderful Phil to take the photos. Did a quick little search on etsy to see what’s out there, and lo and behold, my philosophy of life came true – there are no original ideas!!! Oh well, I think there’s room for more than one, so I’m going ahead with my map pendants. Whether you live in a certain area, or have visited and had a wonderful time, or need a gift for a relative or friend who lives somewhere else, these are great! You can also email me to request a certain map – it may take a week, but I’m sure I’ll find it! Meantime, here’s a photo – where are you from? : )
BTW, I like that little Wise Man in the first picture! You can find it on etsy now, too!

New Line and Some Eye Candy

I added a new line of crafts to my etsy site – Scrabble Tile Pendants! I have a lot of fun making these, and they are really cool! They are nice and shiny because I coat them with a diamond glaze that makes them shiny and hard. They are wonderful! Look for new ones regularly. Also, I’ve added a cute earring bead set to my etsy site – just click on the pictures to go to them, to buy them!
Have a great Sunday! I had a good weekend, but didn’t get much done. So now I’m working!

What to do with resistors?

My partner, Phil, gave me a bunch of resistors he had left over, and his son, Ben, asked me what kind of jewelry I would make with them. I made earrings with them, as seen in one of my photos below. Three of the pairs are on etsy right now, and I guess I’m a closet geek because I really like them! Here’s a picture of another pair, that will go in an etsy jewelry shop I have in the works. I really like these ones because they are nice and summery – made with resistors, sunny seed beads and sterling findings.