BeadStyle July 2009

The BeadStyle 2009 Magazine is out – and in case I didn’t mention it, I’m in it! I submitted a necklace I had made for my mom’s birthday with my own lampworked beads – she just got it back (her birthday was in November!). Better late than never! The beads I made for the necklace are now listed on the home page of my web site ( so if you want to purchase any, you can! Also, the beads Naomi used in the bracelet are also featured on the home page, in case you want those too!

July 2009 BeadStyle Magazine

The July 2009 BeadStyle Magazine is out, and I’m in it! I did not get my copy yet, but my friend Lorelei did! She’s in it too, along with some other great designers! If you want beads from the magazine feature, they aren’t listed on my web site yet, but you can request them from me until I get them on there, by Thursday evening, I promise! Plus you can order the beads in different colors if you want!

Some More Beads in Etsy Store

I just listed three more sets of beads in the etsy store – two holiday sets and one frosty olive sparkle set. They are all very pretty – I’m really happy with how they turned out! Good for your holiday gifts!

Also, I just found out the gift I made for my mom for her birthday will be featured in a future issue of BeadStyle Magazine. I don’t even know when, yet, but when I know, I’ll let you know! Some of my beads were used, of course! It’s a great, easy, stylish, versatile design!

My Beads in BeadStyle Magazine!

The July 2008 BeadStyle Magazine has an earring design of mine with my lampwork beads as a project! Take a look at my web site (see link below) to see the three styles of beads you can order! These are fun beads and fun earrings! Of course, I also have all kinds of “made to order” beads that you can look at and order too! Have a great day!