Another Busy Week

SO, it’s been another busy week, and instead of making beads right now, or visiting blogs, or whatever else, I’m going through emails and at least trying to catch up with whatever is due…It’s been quite hard for me to make glass beads lately as I really have no creative ideas in my head, but I do have an idea for a compound enameled component and if I have time (LOL) I may try and get to that this week. 

It was a beautiful first real week of spring here, though, gorgeous pretty much each day, and this is a photo I took in my backyard.  I love my asian lantern and all my beautiful pink tulips that the deer can’t get back here!

While working this week, I spotted this store and really had to take the photo.  ‘Nuf said.

Part of the reason it was so busy was because in addition to working each day on a really physically demanding job, Jason presented a scholarship to a very deserving senior on Wednesday evening.  The scholarship is in memory of his mother who died from lung cancer.  Very touching speech he gave, as well.

And to round out the week, my friend invited us to a celebration at a very cool restaurant in Lawrenceville called Industry Public House.  She was celebrating the end of one job with a psycho boss and the beginning of a new job tomorrow!  It was a lot of fun!

Focus on Life – 17/52 – Color

Sadly I have missed a few weeks, maybe I’ll get caught up.  I’ve been busy working and just don’t have time to do anything but the absolutely necessary anymore!  Here’s my photo:

This was taken at my daughter’s school, at her last concert performance of her high school career!  She plays the alto sax and bari sax, and has for years!  It was somewhat sad to realize it was going to probably be her last concert, unless she continues with some sort of band in college.  Please see Sally’s blog for everyone else’s color this week!

Process – Flowers II

If you read my post from Sunday, you saw the process that took place to come up with these little flower beadies (originally posted on Art Jewelry Elements)! I used the plant poke flowers for inspiration to create these little flowers, in some of the color combos I really really liked!  You can find the little flower bead pairs in my SueBeads etsy store!

Tutorial – Twisted Flower Beads

Bead Tutorial: Twisted Flowers

1 rod light turquoise
1 rod light ivory

Remember to occasionally flash your bead in the flame so it doesn’t crack!

Step 1:
your materials. With your tweezers, pull a few stringers of light
ivory. Also, pull a short (1 1/2″) stringer of ivory with a larger base,
so you can hold onto it to twist.

Step 2:
a basic bead of light turquoise. Make sure you are happy with the shape
– you won’t really be able to adjust it after you add your dots.
Step 3:
Add 3 dots of ivory in thirds around the bead. Make sure they are evenly spaced and about the same size.
Step 4:
Melt the dots in. Be careful not to let them get too molten, or they will misshape.

Step 5:
the space in the middle of one set of three dots. With your little
handmade twisting tool, twist the space in the middle of the three dots,
turning only about 1/2 to 3/4 of a turn. The more you twist, the more
your circles will distort. After you twist the dots, wiggle the tool a
little bit. If it’s cool enough, it should pop right off. If not, blow
on it slightly then wiggle – the tool will come right off and you’ll be
ready to twist the next set of dots.

Finished bead!
Step 6:
Continue with the other two sets of dots. When you are done, put the bead back in the flame to flame polish and shape it up!

© 2007

Flower Exchange!

We had a very nice weekend, Friday we went out with friends to Kaya, a really great restaurant in the Strip District. On Saturday, we had dinner at a friends house, very good fish tacos! Sunday we went to my brothers house. We always get each other flowers! This year, it was like a flower exchange; everyone bought different flowers so it ended up being really cool! I brought hyacinth for everyone, and received the beautiful begonias, pretty mini daffodils and jumpy pansies!

It’s Not ALL About The Flowers!

Yep, I did get flowers on Valentine’s Day! Aren’t they gorgeous! Twelve roses in my favorite rose color, Hot Pink! The engineer even ordered them a week ago, to make sure he got what he wanted. How nice!
However, it’s not always all about the flowers! The engineer spent part of his day yesterday fixing my (his) light box, which he built to take my bead pictures. Seems the bead pairs I have been making have been rolling from side to side because the folding table and the basement floor aren’t level (quelle surprise!). So, he very engineer-like went to the hardware store to look around to come up with some kind of way to level the light box without spending a ton of money! Engineers are smart like that! He bought some “c” clamps, and cut off the “c” part, and used the other part to make levels!
This is a picture of the base of the light box; can you see the little levels by the light fixtures (click on the picture to make it bigger)? He glued them onto the base, so that when he screws the thing up and down, he can make sure the base is level! All for about $10.00.

Since he fixed the table, he was able to finish the pictures of all the bead pairs I have been making. I should be listing more in the etsy store tonight.