Big Azz Beads!

Fellow lampworker Genea recently purchased a large lentil press from Zoozii’s.  I mentioned to her that I had one and hardly ever use it!  She gave me a little challenge to get some beads done!  It was good for me, because I haven’t been making a lot of beads lately.  I have no energy from working the job I am working right now, and no time if I want to accomplish anything in the house and yard and say HI to my kids now and then!  I took the challenge, and made some beads.  It was doable for me over two nights, I had a couple of hours and each of these beads takes a lot of glass and a bit of time.  Hope you like them, you can find them in my SueBeads etsy store!

Even More!

I finally learned how to crop and watermark my own photos, so the engineer gets a break! I just processed a bunch of photos, and among them are these two focals I just listed in the SueBeads etsy store! I really like the focals I’ve been making – kind of getting me out of my rut! I’ll probably list some more beads tomorrow, but right now, I want to go clean the 8 focals I made today!