Focus on Life – 18/52 – Abstract

Woo hoo, two weeks in a row!  This is my photo for abstract – my Andy Warhol-ized photo of some tulips in my backyard.  I did this on my phone with pixlr!  The real colors are a very pretty red and deep yellow, they are really gorgeous flowers!  Hope you visit Sally’s blog to hop around and see everyone else’s photos!

Focus on Life – 17/52 – Color

Sadly I have missed a few weeks, maybe I’ll get caught up.  I’ve been busy working and just don’t have time to do anything but the absolutely necessary anymore!  Here’s my photo:

This was taken at my daughter’s school, at her last concert performance of her high school career!  She plays the alto sax and bari sax, and has for years!  It was somewhat sad to realize it was going to probably be her last concert, unless she continues with some sort of band in college.  Please see Sally’s blog for everyone else’s color this week!

Focus On Life – 9/52 – Knock Knock

This week Sally Russick’s prompt for the Focus On Life Photography Series is Knock Knock.  Photos of doors.  In or out.  What’s on the other side?  My photo is from Santorini, Greece.  I was there years ago (and by years I mean probably almost 8).  I don’t travel as much anymore but I have fond memories of my travels.  I went to Greece with an ex-boyfriend for business (he was an invited speaker at a conference) and before we went to the conference we decided to visit Santorini for a couple of days.  This was the door at the top of the steps that went down to the hotel we were staying in.  At the top of the photo you can see the caldera – a caldera is a sunken volcano that has filled in with water.  Imagine sitting outside on the patio chairs watching the sunset from right here!!!!!  Head on over to Sally’s blog to see everyone else’s doors!

Focus on Life – 8/52 – Monochromatic

This is week 8 of Sally Russick’s Focus on Life challenge and the word is Monochromatic.  This strawberry photo was the one I used for a previous challenge word.  I have been having a lot of fun playing on my phone with Pixlr and Pixlromatic and this is what I made.  I love the effects you can get from a simple phone app!  Too much fun!  Please check Sally’s blog for everyone else’s photos!

52 Weeks – Focus on Life – Week 7

Our prompt this week from Sally Russick is Beauty of Flowers!  I’m all over this one!  My daughter recently had her Senior Banquet and on the tables were potted orchids from Manchester Craftsman’s Guild; all the girls got to take an orchid plant home!  This is a flower on her plant that I mixed up a little with Pixlr on my phone!  I love that app!  Just wish I could see a bit better to use it lol!  Head on over to Sally’s blog to see the rest of the photos!