Bead Fest Update and Coupon

Thanks for bearing with me and my computer issues – I have a new computer, but lost my contacts, photos, etc. for the time being (after Bead Fest I will be visiting with Geek Squad!).  I wanted to give you all a sneak peek of the beads coming up at Bead Fest (booth #463 A) and a discount coupon for admission!

There are only four of this type of bead so far, and probably that will be all because I simply don’t have the time it takes to make them!

 I have lots of hand-formed hearts that I am really proud of!

 Lots of ammonite cabochons, plus some arty ones as well!

 I will have many focals like these, as well as small sets of three and singles of this new style of bead!  I really love these as well.

 More hearts!

 Round beads, in fabulous enameled colors that almost look like ceramic beads!

 Lots and lots of chicklets!

 Here are the sets of three of this new style of bead.

 Lots and lots of headpins – singles and pairs!  I really got into making these and hope you like them!  They are made on 20 gauge copper wire, and have been kiln annealed, so they are very flexible for your designs and are 4 inches long, so you can do lots with these!

 Here’s a printable coupon for Bead Fest – since they are charging admission again this year, this will save you $10 off your admission, making it only $5.  Please print it out to save yourself some money and buy more beads!

I hope you enjoy all my new designs for this year – I feel they are considerably different than my work last year and I hope you love them all!

See you at Bead Fest – in a week!!!!  Booth #463A – SueBeads