Art Bead Scene February Challenge

Have you seen the Art Bead Scene blog? Heather announced the monthly challenge today, and the theme is Klimt’s “The Kiss”. In case you didn’t notice, I happen to be a prize provider this month! YAY! Check it out here.

I have a scrabble tile pendant of “The Kiss” in my BellaHannahJane etsy store, which you can purchase if you want! Oh, and I can make more!

French Word of the Day

Just had to share, I added a widget – it’s the French Word of the Day widget! Both my kids take French, and I did in college. I found this widget on a widget search and thought it would be fun! If anyone has a problem with it, let me know. If anyone likes it, let me know! Buy art pendants before I have to remove them from etsy tomorrow!

New Map Pendants on BellaHannahJane!

Hi everyone – Happy Tuesday – or not so happy depending on how you feel… like if you stayed up late to watch the Steeler Game, or you followed the stock market…

Anyway, there’s some new map scrabble tile pendants up in my other etsy store, BellaHannahJane (named after my daughter) and you might find your city. If you don’t you can ping me and I’m sure I can make you one! These are very cool to give to someone for a stocking stuffer or holiday gift; I think it would be particularly cute to give to you child of a place you visited, or if you are a boyfriend and you spent a special weekend with a special someone in a special place! Good guy gift! Have fun shopping!

New Line and Some Eye Candy

I added a new line of crafts to my etsy site – Scrabble Tile Pendants! I have a lot of fun making these, and they are really cool! They are nice and shiny because I coat them with a diamond glaze that makes them shiny and hard. They are wonderful! Look for new ones regularly. Also, I’ve added a cute earring bead set to my etsy site – just click on the pictures to go to them, to buy them!
Have a great Sunday! I had a good weekend, but didn’t get much done. So now I’m working!