Do You Sell Wholesale?

I keep getting this question, lately, due to the project in BeadStyle July 2009. My standard answer is “No, sorry, I don’t sell wholesale, but if you place a (Large) order, I’m happy to give a discount.” My beads are made from high quality materials, I spend a lot of time on them, and think they are pretty darn good. I don’t charge as much as I should for my beads, either. I don’t make a lot of money on my beads. Yep, you can buy chinese or indian beads that are not properly made or made with low-grade glass and not kiln-annealed for a LOT less, and your customer will be the one who pays for that in terms of broken or shattered beads. I am a one-person show; I make all my beads, clean them, pack them, mail them, etc. Selling wholesale to me always felt that if you made such a large number of beads, you must have people working for you, making that same design, because how could one person with kids and a house, etc., spend that much time??!?!?! I will have to ramp up in the future, and figure out how to do it, but right now with summer, I seem to be at my limit in terms of time!

I guess my question to you is, do you sell wholesale? Have you ever considered it? What is the standard protocol for selling wholesale – how large should the order be? What should the price discount be? Is there a sliding scale? How long of a lead time do you give the customer? I have some running around to do today, but I’ll be very interested to hear what you have to say on the topic!!! Thanks everyone!