Kristin, at Waking Beauty Designs, tagged me with a silly little game – name six silly things that make me happy. To play the game, you list who tagged you with a link back to them, list your six silly things, and then tag six more people and link to them. I hope I can find six things, and six people.

1. I like getting packages in the mail!
2. I love my kids’ laughs!
3. Wine! Although that’s not really silly.
4. Very occasionally, an Egg McMuffin with cheese!
5. Flowers from my engineer!
6. Chocolate!

Tagging and I apologize if you have already been tagged:

Melissa, from Strands (and yes, I still owe you a post from tagging me!!!)
Nancy, from Round Rabbit
Rosanne, Fab Fibers
LLYYNN, Lynn Davis
Mary Jane, Maire Dodd
Silver Parrot, Kelly, who recently gave me a very nice blog award!