April Art Elements Theme Challenge – Bees

This month, Niky chose Bees as the theme for the Art Elements Challenge. I worked on two projects and like everyone, wondered if I would finished since beads stores are all closed or operating on low staff, etc. And THEN there’s the post office – I’ll just leave that here.

The Garden Goddess Tries To Save The Bees

This first piece is done – I used a cab from Jenny Davies-Reazor and a bee charm from Voda Beads on etsy.

I used some gorgeous lucite flowers, cup chain, and the painted leaf by JBugsBeads on etsy. This was a fun project!

The Bees Need The Sun

This second piece is not finished, because I thought I might make it a pin but waited forever for the pin backs to be delivered.

I used the cutest pendant from Summer Wind Art on etsy. I also used two tiny pewter bee buttons from Green Girl Studio –Ā  picked these up at BeadLady on etsy. And finally I used some very cute lucite flowers.

I hope you enjoyed looking at my creations. And I hope you’ll visit everyone else and see what they made! Thanks for stopping by!

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16 thoughts on “April Art Elements Theme Challenge – Bees”

  1. I LOVE the colors of your cup chain!! Have never seen that color, but then again I haven’t really shopped for it lately. Very nice stitching and I think the second one is perfect for a brooch.

  2. Both pieces are lovely, Sue! I love the addition of the 2 colors of cup chain in your first piece. It’s fun for me to look at what others are doing to get ideas for bead embroidery since I’m just starting to play with it a little more. Your second piece is so very sweet! Love that Summer Wind pendant and the tiny bees are just adorable!

  3. These are gorgeous and joyous pieces. And I know what you mean about waiting for things to be delivered. I guess I need to re-learn patience, because waiting a whole week or two for something to arrive seems like an eternity when I was spoiled by Prime next day delivery for everything.

  4. Both pieces evoke a sense of peace and calm. The serenity of the faces plus your choice of accompanying beads and colors are perfect. Love the bead charm and beads, too. Lovely!

  5. I love both your pieces! The first one with Jenny’s face cab is my fave though. That leave that you added is perfect-like the icing on the cake;-) The sunny second pendant is really fun and cheery. I really love those little pewter bees.

  6. Love the colors of the pendant in the first piece. The different components make one amazing piece. The colors in the second piece are awesome. I love those colors – they are so calm and soothing and remind me so much of spring. Both are lovely pieces!

  7. Love that sunshine cab with the pewter bees, that will look amazing when finished. šŸ˜

  8. I love them both! Vintage lucite for the win! Wow! You really rocked it this month – finished or not. Wish I had known – I could have sent you a pin back with your ceramic pieces. Sigh. Oh well! Happy beading!

  9. OMG these are sooooo cute! I really like The Garden Goddess Tries To Save The Bees but there is something about The Bees Need The Sun that just makes me smile I LOVE it!

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