3/32″ Mandrel Beads

I just put a quartet of beads in my etsy store, made with 3/32″ mandrels. They are made with uroboros clear and have been dipped in Moon River frit by Bead Goodies (Candace Matthews). They have the bigger hole size, so you can string them on wire, leather or cord. Hope you like them!

Another busy day, have to take the boy to get a haircut and then karate and the girl has a sax lesson tonight. I am making bread in my bread machine right now. Maybe I’ll actually take a photo of it when it’s done – it’s just a simple white because the directions and book can’t be found!

Oh, and the travel fair was great! The 5th graders love it, and so do all the other students. I had some very good food from all over the world, so I was actually glad I didn’t have time to eat breakfast this morning!

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