52 Weeks – Focus on Life – Week 7

Our prompt this week from Sally Russick is Beauty of Flowers!  I’m all over this one!  My daughter recently had her Senior Banquet and on the tables were potted orchids from Manchester Craftsman’s Guild; all the girls got to take an orchid plant home!  This is a flower on her plant that I mixed up a little with Pixlr on my phone!  I love that app!  Just wish I could see a bit better to use it lol!  Head on over to Sally’s blog to see the rest of the photos!

23 thoughts on “52 Weeks – Focus on Life – Week 7”

  1. I was saying before that due to all these gorgeous shots of orchids, i was getting orchid fever and would have to get one the next time I am in Florida! This particular one I have seen down there too, I love the variegated petals and the colors!

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