52 Weeks – Week One – Self-Portrait

I’m participating in Sally Russick’s 52 Weeks Challenge – a photo a week for the whole year, revealed on Saturdays.  She sends us a prompt and we have about a week to take the photo!  This first week is self-portrait.  Thanks Sally.  Cuz I really loooooove me some photos of myself.  NOT.  So I sucked it up and got it done on Thursday.  So there.  I edited it a bit with picmonkey.  It’s me in my kitchen.  Where I always am….  But really, thanks for making me take a photo of myself.  I like that I can edit!

4 thoughts on “52 Weeks – Week One – Self-Portrait”

  1. Sue, when I see this self portrait I see you, the real you that I know in person, the slightly soft spoken behind that smile that is a little mischievous! Beautiful!

  2. this is great –
    and isn't it sad how much we hate to take photos of ourselves?
    unless we meet certain criteria – hair done, make up, feeling at an ok weight…
    we are who we are and we need to practice self-love…
    congrats on starting your year in an accepting and shining way!

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