7,000 Bracelets Blog Hop Thank You!

Thank you to everyone who was able to participate in the 7000 bracelets blog hop – I know it’s a very busy time of year!  I didn’t get to everyone’s blog on Sunday because I had a migraine over the weekend!  I just finished hopping, and if I missed commenting on your blog, please let me know!  It was not intentional!  I just got new glasses (bifocals – yuck!) and am trying to get used to using the computer with the glasses on!

Thanks again everyone!

2 thoughts on “7,000 Bracelets Blog Hop Thank You!”

  1. Good luck with your new glasses, Sue… I'm still adjusting to my "wavy focals" after (I'm not going to say how many) years LOL. I want to express again how much I appreciate your organizing this blog hop. It was the most enjoyable I have experienced. I think we all want to do more in the way of donation work, but I for one needed that extra push!

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