AJE Component of the Month – Baby Cabochons

It was my turn for the Art Jewelry Elements Component of the Month and I made baby cabochons.  Unfortunately, even though I was the host, I wasn’t able to complete my project.  But I thought I’d show you what I started, anyways.

This was my original design – making a paisley design with the cabs as the focus.  I drew my design out first, and the outside edge would be picot off of size 8 beads with a size 15 stop bead.

Here’s how far I got – I still have pretty far to go.  I feel pretty bad that even though it was my own CoM I didn’t finish, but this is a crazy month so I guess I’ll give myself a break.

I hope you visit everyone else to see what they made!

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11 thoughts on “AJE Component of the Month – Baby Cabochons”

  1. Heavens – a paisley is a great idea. It makes me want to use all different colors than I am drawn to and think outside of my box. Sue these cabs are fabulous and a great addition to SO MANY projects! Thank you!!!

  2. So far, so beautiful! I am in love with those little heart cabs! Thank you again for selecting me to participate in this month's challenge and for sharing you beautiful glass treasures.

  3. I love where this piece is going Sue and the colours are fab! Thank you so much for such a wonderful component, I have throughly enjoyed working with them!

  4. I love the colors you picked for your design! What a wonderful idea, paisley! I love anything paisley, I can't wait to see the finished design, you BETTER post it when you're done! 🙂 Thanks soooo much for such a unique experience, these bitty baby cabs were so fun to brainstorm for. I am just starting my hopping, I can't wait to see what everyone did!

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