AJE Component of the Month Reveal – December

This is the day for the December reveal of Art Jewelry Elements’ Component of the Month.  This month, the component was supplied by super-talented-wonderful-friendly-fun Jenny Davies-Reazor.  She sent us all a labyrinth charm to work with.

 This one was mine!  At first, I was going to make a necklace.  I’m necklace challenged, and it seemed like a great idea.  But I have been sick for a month…yep, a month.  Just starting to stop coughing right now.  Ugh.  So, I made an ornament.  I have been in an ornament-making mood anyways, and I’ll show you some I made in a future post (before I take my tree down!).  But I really like this one I made.  I found some czech faceted rondelles that match really well, and used a large round clear faceted bead on top, and one of my own lampwork beads as a dangle on bottom.  I would chance the jump rings connecting the top of the labyrinth, though, if I get a chance.  They are too big.  For me. 

 It just so happened that on December 22, our local paper had a photo of a labyrinth in the city that people were walking around.  I had no idea we even had any, and the timing was impeccable!  So, it turns out, if you go to a website called www.labyrinthlocator.com – you can locate labyrinths around the world, or close to you!  Turns out there are 19 within 25 miles of me!  I’m not going to tell you all about labyrinths because I’m leaving that to Jenny!  I hope you go and visit everyone else today and see what they made!

17 thoughts on “AJE Component of the Month Reveal – December”

  1. Glad you are FINALLY on the mend – I hate being sick, especially during the Holidays. I love your ornament-I bet it looks fantastic on your tree! And, thanks for the link to the Labryninth locater – what a cool site!

  2. I love the idea of making this into an ornament! It's lovely!!!

    I hope you are all done with that nasty illness so you can enjoy the new year!

  3. Sue – its lovely! What a gorgeous thing to hang on your tree! We know from Beadfest how well your glass and my glazes go together! I am sorry you were so sick, and thrilled you were still able to "play" along with this CoM.
    Feel better, and have a good New Year!

  4. Hi Sue,
    I am glad to hear that you are feeling better. I love your ornament it is so pretty. I'm going to check out that web site it would be interesting to see if there is one near me.
    Happy New Year,

  5. a month, yikes! hope you are feeling yourself soon. I did have one of those "hundred day coughs" several years back.. my husband too, it was nuts. I love the ornament it would be right at home on my super fake all white tree covered in a zillion blue ornaments πŸ™‚

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