AJE Component of the Month Reveal – Linda Landig

Another month has passed (my popular refrain) and it’s time for another Art Jewelry Elements Design Challenge Reveal!  This month, Linda Landig provided us with brand spankin’ new ceramics that she just started making!  How exciting – she’s really doing great things!  I chose this leaf pendant, and as usual, didn’t take a photo before I started working with it!

 I consider what I made as a work in progress because, in theory, I like my idea, but in practice, it didn’t turn out the way I wanted.  My idea was to use the waxed linen and wrap pearls in drops from knots as you can see. It’s much harder, at least for me, than I thought.  It’s very hard to get the drops to be the same on both sides of the pendant.  It was hard for me to work with the jump ring on the pendant as well.  I think the key is to do the pendant first, and work out.  I was working from the loop down, for the clasp.

 Here’s a photo of what I made, I’m not happy with it at all.  If anyone has some pointers, or knows a you tube video I can watch, I’d love the suggestions!

Check out what everyone else made!  Thanks Linda for a gorgeous pendant!

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14 thoughts on “AJE Component of the Month Reveal – Linda Landig”

  1. Love the idea you are going for here. I can offer a couple of suggestions since I've been testing out this style lately. not sure what size jump rings you used but they look to big for just one drop. I usually use 4mm or smaller for a single drop. With this necklace I think I might go with 3 drops on each of the jump rings you have. It is also easier to work from center out on this style especially when you are trying to line drops up on each side with the other side.

  2. Sue – I was tempted to do something similar for the waxed linen hop, and hadn't the time. It did seem like a challenge. I like the look, and know you will conquer it!

  3. Hi Susan,
    I think your necklace is beautiful in the simplistic way you have it. I agree it is hard to center a pendant when you start at the top, so the idea of starting at the center and working your way up on each side is a good idea. A great choice on Linda's pendant my eye went straight to that one when I first saw her pendants for this challenge.

  4. Your pearls don't look uneven to me, Sue. Maybe you are being too hard on yourself! That said, I do always work from the pendant outward and use a ruler to space the dangles. It is hard to land the knots exactly where you want them, but little variations won't show at all once you are wearing the necklace. It looks nice, I don't think you have to do it over. Thanks for designing such a pretty necklace, with my little piece of clay!!!

  5. Love the pendant but I know what you mean about struggling with the execution. I probably would have just gotten frustrated and knotted everything directly on the linen.

  6. I rather like it, Sue! I think the simple design, and in particular the waxed linen, works perfectly with the pendant. Yeah, knots are hard, especially when you're trying to get everything symmetrical. (Sometimes I cheat and go asymmetrical!)

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