AJE Component of the Month with Karen Totten!

This month, it was Karen Totten’s turn to provide the component of the month to the AJE Bloggers and their guests.  She makes amazingly meaningful ceramic components – you can find her shop here!  Here’s what Karen made for us to enjoy.

As usual, I did not photograph the component I chose. It’s the yellow and brown one in the lower left/center of the photo.

I knew what I wanted to make right when I got it.  So I asked team member Jenny Davies-Reazor if she had any face cabs left, and she did!

I used a tutorial I had purchased on etsy by Beverly Herman for “Queen Wanna Bead”.  This challenge proved to be a little bit difficult for me. I think that, for this pattern, you really have to use what Beverly tells you to use for the base – I used ultrasuede because that’s the only thing I’ve ever used when I bezel a cab.  But you really need stiffer material because this is a larger, busy piece.  I am going to try it again, and use the right materials, but I’m glad I did it. I’ll be using this piece as an ornament on my tree this year. 

Please check out what everyone else made by visiting their blogs, or the AJE blog!  Thanks for stopping by!

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15 thoughts on “AJE Component of the Month with Karen Totten!”

  1. You have more seed beading skills than you let on! She's going to look so pretty on your tree πŸ™‚ And just an fyi…I do all my pieces on ultrasuede…even the big ones.

  2. I love it sue, I really love this particular design. I've seen so many things made like this and they are all so different and wonderful. I so envy your work with seed beads!

  3. Very pretty Sue, you have created such an interesting piece of jewellery. I really like how you have paired the ceramics with the seed beads. Love the colours too.

  4. Sue! She looks amazing! I think Beverly's tutorials are great – but you knew that! I do agree tho – stiff stuff is a must. With peyote as a bezel things are more secure. Ive found stiff stuff is what keeps me sane if I am trying to do straight up bead embroidery, and keep it all in the right place…

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