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I’m getting this up really late because I’m just really over-extended right now, but I was part of a challenge with Andrew Thornton – he sold kids with gorgeous beads called Amethyst Aether.  He did send along a wonderful polymer clay super-secret pendant he made for everyone, but I didn’t get a chance to use it yet.  But here’s the beads, and what I made!

The beads are all so gorgeous, I wanted to use them all.  I do have plans for the rest, but here’s what I got accomplished. First, these earrings.  These beads all just wanted to be together, so I let them!

 Next, I knew I wanted to use these totally gorgeous stick beads in a necklace, and so I made a multi-strand necklace using all the beads I possibly could from the luxury mix.  I do like how it turned out!

Now, if I ever get around to making more things, I will let you know!  Thanks for sponsoring this challenge Andrew!  Sorry I’m late with the post!

7 thoughts on “Amethyst Aether Blog Hop”

  1. I do love both pieces. I can see why the beads in the earrings wanted to be together. They are lovely. I think the stick beads are great on a multistrand necklace. I love using many beads of the mix together. It always looks so nice. A great necklace to wear any time!

  2. You might have been late posting but I am even later on checking out my blogs. I do have to say that I love the necklace. It has such a great flow to it.

  3. The earrings are really sweet. Sometimes the beads just speak to you and you have to listen! And I love the luxurious feel of the necklace! It looks so opulent with all the layers! Great job! Thanks so much for participating! I loved seeing everything you made!

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