Andrew’s October Challenge

Andrew Thornton has a monthly challenge where you purchase a kit, with some special ingredients, and then on the appointed day reveal what you made with your kit! Today is the day! I have to say I am very happy to even have these done, because my head has been trying to get a full-on migraine for days…This is a necklace I made with his special skull bead and some really cool ball chain he sent with the kit! I decided the ball chain and skull needed to be kept separate and together; it’s a great necklace and my daughter will be receiving it!
Then I made a bracelet with the three bigger beads he sent and the glass headpin that was in the kit! I used two types of chain and the gorgeous gorgeous little variety of seed beads he sent. I love them! I wish I could bead weave, they are such great little beads!
Then I made this pair of earrings with the pretty luxury beads he sent, and my own ear wires! These pieces came together easily for me, and I’m glad I got the pieces done!
Here are the other participants!
Rosemarie Cowit
Cilla Watkins
Christina Porter
Collette Collins
Mary Govaars
Cindy Cima Edwards
Jessica Nelson
Tara Linda
Alice Peterson
Lisa Lodge
Cece Cormier
Karin Slaton
Sandi Volpe-You are here
Kate Richbourg
Sue Kennedy
Michelle Mach
Shay Williams
Michelle Hardy
Andrew Thornton

13 thoughts on “Andrew’s October Challenge”

  1. Love what you did. By the way, I just love the enamel headpins I purchased from your shop. Can't wait to incorporate them into my poly clay beads and into my jewelry.


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