Another Heart

This one was sort of an experiment. I remember Melissa Lee made a pendant with a chinese fortune cookie fortune, with glass and she soldered it together, I believe. Or she made a silver pendant and inserted it, can’t quite remember the details. But ever since then, I’ve been saving my really good fortunes. I decided to see if they would work in a collage pendant. It worked out ok, but it seems the paper is a bit too thin to go through the heating process. Oh well, a learning experience. I still like it, but think I’ll try and come up with something else!

13 thoughts on “Another Heart”

  1. I think it looks wonderful – but I like transparent words. I wonder – did you coat the paper with gel medium? This prevents the paper from soaking up the resin, which prevents it from becoming transparent.

  2. When I took a claass with Sherri Haab, she said that, if you're using paper, coat it with something – Mod Podge, Elmer's Glue, anything like that – to keep it from soaking up the resin…I bet that's what happened to the fortune…

    But, it's still SUPER cute!

  3. Hi guys! I did coat it with Mod Podge, but not with a gel medium. Renate, what is the gel medium I should use? I guess when I keep looking at it the transparency isn't so bad… just not what I was expecting!

  4. I actually do like it a bit more transparent. There is a sort of mystery surrounding it. And with resin I find that happy accidents are often the best kind. Enjoy the day! Erin

  5. Sherri said to even coat the side edges of the paper – not just the front and back…But, I'm interested in this "gel medium" too :o)

  6. What a beautiful pendant, Sue!!! By gel medium, I beleive Renate is referring to the ones you can buy by Liquitex and Golden…you can find them at Michael's in the good-quality, paint/canvas aisle.

  7. Sue, I love the transparent look–it seems more in keeping with the delicate look of the pretty little bubble pearls. Makes me think of something you'd see in the ocean–and there's never a mistake in creating, just a different turn! πŸ˜‰ CJ

  8. Gel medium is the polymer/acrylic binder in acrylic paints. It's what gives the paint the plasticity and viscosity that acrylic paints have. Basically it's the goo without the color.

    With resin, use a gloss gel medium. Matte medium will look slightly chalky or milky when submerged in resin. All surfaces, front, back, and sides should be covered to prevent the paper from having any potential of becoming saturated.

    But you can also use rice papers to dissolve and "disappear" in the resin for interesting effects.

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