April AJE Component of the Month Reveal!

Yet another month has passed us by, it’s time for the April Component of the Month Reveal over at Art Jewelry ElementsLesley Watt provided components for us for April – buttons, or clasps, however you wanted to use them!  The one I chose was right in the middle!

 As usual, I did not take a photo of the button before I actually used it, so here is a closeup! 

 I had a few idea in my head none of which really worked out.  I didn’t have the right color beads, I couldn’t find the right color glass to make beads, I didn’t have the right color waxed linen…on and on.  Finally, I went to Michael’s for a little visual stimulation.  While I was there, I picked up the citrine (???) chips and the bronze colored beads.

 I strung three strands of beads (I already had the seed beads at home, woo hoo!) and then braided them before I attached to the bronze clasp with the crimp beads.  The bronze clasp is kind of urchin-ey, so I felt it worked really well.  Plus, I’m really into bronze these days!

I really like how it turned out!  Here’s a list of everyone else who participated, check out what they  made with Lesley’s components.  And thanks very much Lesley, for a great challenge!


18 thoughts on “April AJE Component of the Month Reveal!”

  1. Sue, I was so excited to see your bracelet! It has a rich feel to it, while totally able to work with jeans and a tshirt. I've seen those citrine beads at Michaels, so that was very cool to see how pretty they work with other beads! Well done!!

  2. This is a stunner! I would say your trip to Michael's was a success! Love the citrine and bronze with that button, and the three strands balance out the button nicely. Beautiful!

  3. Sue, I LOVE the color combo you did for your bracelet! It's sooooooooo pretty. Hmmmm, I may have to make something in these colors to wear during the summer. Great job!

  4. I really love the colors you pulled together for this bracelet. I think I would have been stumped with that button, despite its beauty. Your choices totally inspire me.

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