Art Bead Scene Monthly Challenge – May

This month, the Art Bead Scene Monthly Challenge is Monet’s Waterlilys. I love all his waterlily paintings and we actually have one of them here in Pittsburgh! I just happened to make the bracelet you see here, before the ABS blog post was done! Talk about serendipity! This is going to be my first entry to the ABS challenge! It’s made with my own lampworked beads and some beautiful blue rutilated quartze I picked up at that rude Philadelphia bead store! I’m glad I bought them!

3 thoughts on “Art Bead Scene Monthly Challenge – May”

  1. Looks like you have the perfect colors in your bracelet – good with your entry. Where have you been hiding these beads????

  2. Hi Leslie -I just made them a few days ago, to make a bracelet for a sale I’m not doing anymore! I did make more of the beads, and they will be on web site and etsy as soon as I can get the photos taken! Thanks!

  3. I forgot to type in “luck” with good luck with your entry. Love these colors, so summery.
    I saw the beads on ETSY, but do you have the lentils? I like flat stones for bracelets and rounds for earrings….I’m feeling my addiction kicking in! Thanks Sue!

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