Art Elements November Theme Challenge – Fossil

This month, Niky chose Fossil as the theme for the monthly challenge. I love this theme, as you may have noticed I already make some tidepool cabochons impressed with ammonite designs.

I made some new ones for this month’s theme, and was quite happy with them.

I also made some polymer cabochons and colored them using alcohol inks – they all have a gold metallic accent on them because at this time of year, I need happy shiny colors to make me feel better! Below you can see before and after color application! I love them! All of these polymer clay ammonite cabochons are available – if you are interested, please let me know!

Finally, I made a mosaic pendant using a real mini ammonite fossil I purchased from an etsy store called Cobble Creek Mining Co.  Below I have the ammonite fossil cleaned and secured.

Below I’m prepping all the tiny shards of glass to add to the bezel.

And finally the finished mosaic piece. This pieces represents the ammonite fossil found under layers of earth and water.

Thank you Niky for a great theme this month! This is a blog hop so I hope you go see what everyone else made this month!

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9 thoughts on “Art Elements November Theme Challenge – Fossil”

  1. I am totally in love with your tidepool cabochons, they have such a beautiful colour and depth! All of your pieces are spectacular and the polymer cabochons look like little treasures and then there is the micro mosaic piece! Wonderful thank you so much for joining in this month Sue.

  2. Oh my. I love all of them, I really do, but the tidepools are so special, I’d like to have them all … to put in my hoard …. take them out every day, talk to them and stroke them *lol* No, seriously, they are wonderful.

  3. Of course I am in love with your glass ammonite cabs. And the cheerfully colored polymer clay versions. Such great color combinations in both media. You are on a roll with the micro mosaics. The pendant with the fossil under layers of substrate is awesome!

  4. I am in love with the cab pieces – I just love those colors. They make me smile!
    I love the mosaic tile piece – it does remind me of finding a fossil buried under water and dirt.
    Love everything!

  5. Sue – I really appreciate your sense of color. Both in glass and in polymer. Your creations are delicious to the eye. I really like these micro mosaics that you are into lately. Wicked cool – this one doesn’t disappoint!

  6. Oh gracious! All of your designs are lovely. The glass fossils have so much depth to them, and I love the touch of gold on the clay ones. And, as for your mosaic – WOW! I love the layers you made with the glass. Super job!!

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