Art Elements Theme of the Month – Ornaments!

Another month has passed us by, and another challenge will be in the books.  Appropriately, the theme for the Art Elements challenge this month is Ornaments. I had a lot of fun with this one – I had more than a few days I wasn’t working this month so making ornaments filled some of my time.

The first ones I want to show you are stitched by me – they were made with some little heart ceramic tiles my daughter found on a job site.  I love finding little treasures on job sites, so I decided these needed to be bezeled and hung on the tree!

I also had these snowflake forms hanging around for years, so I decided to make some with these blown hollow glass beads and czech fire polished beads, along with some seed beads.  They turned out pretty good – I may have gotten a little carried away.  I still have a little pile of hollow beads to make more ornaments with!

I had made some ornaments a few years ago with vintage chandelier parts – they never sold, so I took them apart and made new ones! I really like them, even if no one else does! They can also be used as suncatchers.

And finally, since I’ve been doing more fusing in my kiln lately than making beads, I made some fused cast glass ornaments that I really love. The first ones are from a tree casting mold.

This one above was made with little tiny bits of stringers, and some dichroic glass thrown in for good measure.

This one was made from a frit mix called Winterberry.  Very festive!

AND, my absolute favorite ornaments this year, were made with a star casting mold.

These are made from solid black glass and dichroic bits, and from clear glass and dichroic bits.  They are very sparkly and fun!

I hope you enjoyed seeing what I made for the Ornament Theme Challenge, and I hope you’ll visit everyone else to see what they made!  Very Happy Holidays to you all!

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13 thoughts on “Art Elements Theme of the Month – Ornaments!”

  1. So many ornaments!! So much gorgeous, Christmas awesome-ness! First off, what kind of job site has amazing little ceramic hearts on it? I think I might have/ have had some of those snowflake forms. Dang…where did I put those things? Of course, what I could do with them would never measure up to these ones you've created. I especially like that second picture of them with the more flat hollow beads and all that blue!! And the chandelier crystals…swoon! You completely blew me away with all you accomplished for this hop. Thank you for sharing it all.

  2. OH wow! You produced a ton of beautiful ornaments. I love the beaded hearts, but the beaded snowflakes are just so wonderful!! The design lends itself to so many possibilities with the different beads/colors/sizes. LOVE them! Ant last but not least are the ones you fused…those stars are so perfect!!! Great job on all of them.

  3. The beaded snowflakes remind me of my childhood, we also made a lot of them (although not with such beautiful beads, rather the cheap toy ones… but they were fun to make… tempted to make them again!). Your collection of ornaments looks wonderful (and I sooooooo love dichronic glass!).

  4. Wow! You rocked this challenge! I love the pieces you have been fusing. But i am captivated by the heart tiles found on a job site?! And that pop pf red flower in there is perfect. Your first snowflakes are all fun and candy cane like,…. then I kept scrolling. Those hollow beads are gorgeous in those ornaments. Perfect!

  5. What a wealth of ornaments! Those snowflakes are SO cute. I've seen the bases for them before, but I never though of how pretty they would use with hollow blown glass. And those frit trees??? Stunning!

  6. So many shimmery, sparkly ornaments. I really like the fused glass stars. They have a great shaoe to them. The hollow glass bead stars are very cool. I have some hollow beads and this would be an great idea for them.

  7. I love the snowflakes, have planned to make some myself for years 🙂 How come no one liked those icicles, they are so pretty! And versatile as they can be used as a sun catcher, too!

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