Art Jewelry Elements Earring Challenge

Over at Art Jewelry Elements we’re having a challenge!  An earring challenge!  A year-long earring challenge!  But you don’t have to sign up for that long!  It will be quarterly, so if you need an earring break, you can take one!  Please check out the Art Jewelry Elements blog for full details, but here’s some quick facts for you:

  1. Participants will sign on for 13 weeks at a time.
  2. We are challenging ourselves to make one pair of earrings a week.
  3. Our earring designs will feature at least one artisan component,
    such as a handmade charm or bead.  The artisan components may be made by
    you or by another artist.
  4. When we post our earrings, we will credit the person who made the artisan component(s).
  5. AJE will provide a Linky Tool every 2 weeks, so you can link up your
    pictures for everyone to see.  If you have a blog or online shop, you
    can use it with the Linky Tool, but you can also link to a Facebook or
    Flickr page.
  6.  The Linky Tool will be available on the AJE blog in the evening
    before the Sunday reveal. That way you can link up before the Sunday
    blog hop. Of course you can link up on Sunday too.
  7. Since we are only sharing every 2 weeks, try to post 2 pairs of
    earrings.  If you get behind, don’t stress out, but do strive to have 13
    pairs of earrings by the end of the 13 week challenge.

I hope you join us in this great challenge!

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