Artisan Clay Design Team – Next to Last Reveal

I’m part of Kristie Roeder’s Artisan Clay Design Team! Sadly, this will be the next to the last reveal day we have – she’s going to close the group with the next challenge. I made these earrings with the components she sent me this month! I love them! I was thinking of making two bracelets with the components, but I really wanted earrings! I made the beads especially to go with the gorgeous colors in the charms! You can visit Kristie’s blog here! And you should visit her etsy store here – she has some really really pretty things going on in that store! I love the “bursts” in Oatmeal that she has listed right now! Please visit her blog to see what everyone else in the group made! And thank you, Kristie, for having me as part of your team! I enjoyed it, and I love your work!

10 thoughts on “Artisan Clay Design Team – Next to Last Reveal”

  1. I have a set of charms very much like those. I just have not used them and I don't know why. I will go fish them out this weekend and see if I can get the muse to strike! Enjoy the day!

  2. I would totally wear these earrings everyday! They remind me of the turquoise pool pendant that I tied a cord on a few years ago and wouldn't take off for months… purple-goes with turquoise… black-goes with turquoise…. brown-heck yeah!… 🙂

    Thanks Shannon!

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