I might really need these beads from her store (above)

I mentioned I had another post, about my new friend ArtyBecca! Rebecca happens to be from the ‘burgh, and actually lives about 8 minutes away from me! She makes these really cool polymer clay beads, they are very earthy and really my style! I saw her etsy shop and sent her a convo just telling her I really like her beads. She shot me one back, saying she liked mine and did I want to trade? You bet! These are the beads she sent me, and I sent her some enameled beads and a pair of the ivory sparkle lampworked beads. I just took a look at her shop, and it’s going to be hard for me to resist buying some – like I don’t have enough beads yet, right? She is going to post the necklace she made out of her beads and my beads on her blog – check it out! It’s gorgeous!

6 thoughts on “ArtyBecca”

  1. Her beads are beautiful. I got some from her yesterday in the mail like the ones in the second pic.

    I also purchased a silvery blue set that are to die for.

    Everyone always needs more beads, right?

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